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Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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Adrienne's lovely voice as well as her straightforward and tasteful guitar accompaniments have made her a favorite among listeners on the ezFolk website. - Webmaster, Richard Hefner

"The Source Magazine & Joemamas (Brooklyn,NY)"

Adrienne’s clarity of voice - both as a performer, and as a songwriter never fails to captivate her audience. Luminous! - John Wallace

"The New Yorkers; NYC Public Television"

Adrienne recently did a live interview at The New Yorkers. She shared music from her new CD Love and Light. She has a very lovely voice. Both her voice and music are beautiful!
- Producer, Pat Profito

"Go Girls"

Adrienne Nightingale puts out beautiful music. There I said it. I know, plain and simple. She is captivating and mesmorizing. I can listen to her all day long. - Madalyn Sklar

"The Indie magazine in Asheville, North Carolina 2/2007"

Adrienne Nightingale, a young Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, gives new twists on a familiar middle American girl sweetness that makes cynics listen... listen softly. Her self-produced, self-engineered, self-mastered CD, “Love and Light” (2006), offers sensitive hooks to diva blandness and melodic depth to silly little pop songs that clog the airlanes on these days of Britneys, Parises, Lindsays, and tragically comical “American Idol” dreamers and carpetbaggers. An Asheville visitor last summer, Ms Nightingale reminds me – especially in the haunting “Can’t Say No” and the ethereal “Offerings” – of the starry-eyed, unadulterated Judy Collins of the “Wildflowers” and “Whales and Nightingales” moments. Although she evokes ghostly Emily Dickinson spirit lurking nearby (“Blood on my Hands”), Adrienne isn’t reaching for goth bombast or young-woman-on-the-verge melodrama which almost always become the rule than the exception in these times of singer-songwriter theatrics... Simply, “Love and Light” is old-fashioned folk – raw and untamed, earnest and truthful.
However, the real pleasure in Adrienne Nightingale is watching her live and in person. The ferocious warmth of her doing a live cover of “Under The Boardwalk” and the synergetic allure of a duet or two with friend and one-time touring partner Malcolm Rollick are inadvertently absent in this CD. We hear shades of that understated magic in “Offerings,” which amply showcased her vocal range, and “Exhale,” as backstopped by Karla Harby’s charming flute... but, all in all, spending moments with “Love and Light” only makes us ache with longing for the real, live Muse.
“Love and Light”—despite its minimalist grace and profound songwriting—only gives us a piece of Adrienne Nightingale’s heart. But that could be enough for now... Meantime, let’s all wait to re-experience her presence. A second CD or an intimate concert should be in our midst soonest. - Pasckie Pascua

"Twin Cities Daily PLANET, MN"

Adrienne Nightingale is one gifted singer-songsmith, as her work schedule readily attests... Nightingale’s music has a lilting, haunting quality that lingers with you long after she’s finished singing. Perfect stuff for Saturday mornings in autumn. When you play the album Love and Light machine, just as soon as it stops playing, you will want to start the disc all over again. - Dwight Hobbes


Love and Light EP - 2004
Love and Light - 2006

Indiegrrl 2006 P-Town Womens Week Giveaway



Adrienne Nightingale is a folk singer songwriter with a gypsy lifestyle. She’s lived in over ten states and toured through all but Alaska and Hawaii. Adrienne tours annually both abroad and in the United States playing over 100 shows a year at clubs, coffeehouses, colleges, and festivals across the country. She’s played for audiences in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain and Kenya. Most recently Adrienne was in Kenya using music to educate and empower the Maasai community in the fight against HIV/AIDS. She holds tight reign on the raw emotional material in her songwriting. Her songs will startle softly and tell you your own secrets.

Her modern folk sound has a wide range of influences with strong hints of both country and blues. Song topics range from political and environmental to confessional and love. She studied music composition and production at Purchase College under direction of Joe Ferry (grammy-nominated record producer) and classical guitar at Mannes School of Music (The New School). She was selected to play in 2005 at the Bushwick Arts Project (BAP) in Brooklyn. Since then, Adrienne has entered the festival scene playing both Howl Fest in NYC and the North Carolina Cape Fear Folk Festival in 2006. In 2006 Adrienne also had her debut interview and performance on The New Yorkers, NYC public television show. She has been heard on the airwaves of public radio stations in Northampton, MA and Wilmington, NC. In Los Angeles on Indie 104 104.7FM, CRNI 107.3 FM, WCLH 90.7 FM, IRADIO LA 88.5 FM and nearly 700 Internet radio stations worldwide. Including Feminine Groove, Music Highway Radio, Netteradio in Dallas Texas and NYC’s own Radio Crystal Blue.

Her talent and integrity are quickly garnering her a large fanbase that spans the world. Adrienne gives her life to music because she believes each person must follow their heart. Resounding with visceral impact, her sound is best described as ‘Fierce Butterflies’!