Adrienne Taylor
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Adrienne Taylor

Bristol, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Bristol, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Country Singer/Songwriter


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The best kept secret in music


"Like the flutter of butterflies — young performer at Café 349"

Equity Editor
SHAWVILLE • Nineteen-year-old Adrienne Taylor’s voice fluttered through the room at the Café 349 songwriter’s night on Jan. 30, adding to the ambiance for diners who were enjoying their meal.
Taylor sang songs from her recently released selftitled CD, including Backyard Swing, 11:11 and Wake up Call, all songs that were influenced by life, love and the complexities that come along with them as one is growing up.
“I think she’s a sweet, lovely girl and she sounds so genuine,” said Sylvia Poisson Hodgins who was enjoying the acoustic performance. Never flinching as a videographer shooting a clip for Café 349’s website stood inches away from her with a bright light in her face, the young country singer kept a calm and controlled demeanour throughout her show with seemingly little effort.
But the spotlight is not new to Taylor who remembers the very first time she performed before an audience; she was 14-years-old when she sang at the Bristol Town Hall with her musician father Brent Plouffe and his band, The Coveralls.
“I sang Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynard, and I knew right then and there that I wanted to do this again.”
“I had butterflies in my stomach all day and I was shaking when I went up to the microphone, but then I was fine,” she reminisced.
Since then she has played at a variety of different venues, including the Ottawa SuperEx, the Renfrew Legion, the Shawville Fair, and Relay for Life.
It’s been five years since that first performance, and Taylor says she still feels those butterflies in her stomach before each performance, but the feeling only lasts for a few brief moments.
“I think, God I hope I don’t forget the lyrics, and then I feel that adrenaline rush and everything’s okay,” she said.
The dream of singing professionally was born around the time of that first performance, and it is still something she strives for and is working diligently at achieving.
“I never think of it as a job, it’s something I’m so passionate about and something I want to keep doing for the rest of my life, so I’m willing to do what it takes to make my dream come true.”
Taking advantage of tools such as a myspace and youtube to gain as much recognition as possible, Taylor says she went from having 500 friends on her myspace page three-and-ahalf months ago, to 5,000 currently.
“It’s great; I have friends from Australia, England and the U.S. who are supporting me through this medium. They give me tips and ideas on how to find a record label,” said the spirited vocalist with a excitement in her eyes.
Popular country music performers Aaron Pritchett and One More Girl are also listed among the friends on her webpage who have listened to her songs and said they enjoyed listening, according to Taylor. “I think that’s just amazing, it blew me away.”
Knowing that the road to achieving her goal would not be easy and that she may have to face rejection, Taylor said she has always been supported but well prepared by her parents.
“My mother has never been afraid to say no to me, and she’s scarier than any record label could ever be,” she joked with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.
Her dynamic personality and genuine charm were as infectious as the fluidity of her voice as she strummed along to deliver an hour-long segment to an appreciative audience.
“I think she has an awesome voice, she is very talented,” said Yen Ourga, who is new to the area and was experiencing songwriter’s night at Cafe 349 for the first time. - The Equity, Shawville


Still working on that hot first release.



Being raised on a farm, 24-year-old Adrienne Taylor grew up riding dirt bikes, driving trucks in fields, shooting guns and running through cornfields. Her first job was raising chickens on her farm and selling eggs door-to-door. Adrienne’s father Brent, who is a guitar player and singer, decided to teach Adrienne how to sing. At an early age she was influenced musically by Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. By age fourteen, she performed “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynard Skynard with her father’s band at a local event. Amidst her simple farm life her parents bought her first guitar and at the age of 16 Adrienne began playing and writing her own songs. While most high schoolers were at parties and hanging out with friends on weekends, Adrienne was playing gigs all over the city of Ottawa and surrounding areas with her rock band. Once the band ended, she realized she needed to write all of her own material if she wanted to pursue a music career. The small town girl with big dreams began writing country songs that told stories of her life and experiences. She follows the words of Loretta Lynn who once said, “When something is bothering me, I write a song that tells my feelings.” Adrienne is a typical country girl who lives a simple kind of life and loves to wear Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots and stomps those boots to the beat of her own drum. Now, she has released her first-ever country radio single Backwoods Saturday Night that was recorded/produced in Nashville, Tennessee. While always trying to stay humble to her classic country roots, Adrienne’s mission with her music is to break the barriers that are expected of most modern female country singers and make a name for herself in a male dominated genre. Now she is calling all the hillbetties and hillbillies out there to join up and begin a country revolution.