Adrien Sala

Adrien Sala


Whiskey drenched reverie with the ghosts of Jimmie Rodgers, Van Zandt and Newbury in tow….. Brooding and pensive songs, tales of mistrust and wistful hymns sung for wilted flowers and tortured lust gone sour.


Adrien Sala: A Brief Biography

Hailing from the Canadian prairies, Adrien Sala has been captivating audiences with his unique blend of country roots since he first began performing a short time ago. Whether you catch him performing solo, or when he’s being supported by his rotating cast of musicians and friends, his deeply affecting songs leave the listener drenched in the brooding reverie of Jimmie Rodgers, Van Zandt and Newbury while remaining entirely their own.

His first full length album, “High Water Everywhere”, was recorded and co-produced with the assistance of Jaxon Haldane and Tom Fodey of Winnipeg’s beloved bluegrass royalty, the D. Rangers. Some of Winnipeg’s finest musical talents have also assisted in its creation, including Chris Carmichael and Romi Mayes, as well as ex-Fred Eaglesmith dobro player Dan Walsh. The album charted nationally at various campus radio stations and is currently listed as a top album pick by the CBC’s Galaxie Radio folk/roots channel programmer Roch Parisienne. It was released in June 2006 on Dollartone Records and is available through Festival Distribution.

For the past two years Adrien has been charming crowds at numerous venues around Winnipeg. He has shared the stage with Romi Mayes as well as Andrew Neville and the Poor Choices, toured Western Canada with the D Rangers, taken part in the young performers program at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in 2005 and was featured at the Harvest Moon Festival in 2006.

Watch out for this fledgling singer/songwriter as he’s certain to make his presence felt in the Canadian roots scene in the years to come.

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Road to Thunder Bay

Written By: Adrien Sala

It was nine am and I was breathing
The smell you left on my shirt
And I told you I never say goodbye and it made you smile

That day I found out,
a beautiful secret
Could hide from my eyes
Now I know you and guilt are the great inspirers

Who are you to blame
When you find yourself all alone
And the time passes slowly
And you’re a thousand miles from your home

Id tell you one day but you wouldn’t believe me
I suppose you have your reasons why
Well my wheels lost, that’s too high a cost
I’m afraid I have to deny you

In a couple more years
Maybe ill find you
On a park bench all alone
And you’ll question me
And why I had to go

Who are you to blame
When you find yourself all alone
And the time passes slowly
And you’re a thousand miles from your home

Lonely and brave,
I left here this morning
Caught the greyhound for
Thunder Bay
Maybe I should’ve gone west
But those mountains would’ve sent me back to find you

So if you’re down and out
Ill tell you the secret
To heal all your pain
Head to the hills
And let that stone get inside you

And who are you to blame
When that web of misery
Spreads around your brain
Not the angels
Nor October skies
Just the prairies
And these shells we’ve cast aside

Cheap Sentiment

Written By: Adrien Sala

As the evening sun was wasting
and we sat out on the porch and we spoke in rhymes
and we talked about old times
and those clouds swept in from nowhere
and that rain began to wash away all pretense of the time
and you breaking down the line
you took off to the brambles
and a far off voice it cried
well you've lost me somehow
left me standing here a wondering
So I began a chasing
a wanderlust that left me
with a plot I cannot plow
and a blues I cannot conquer
can you who hear this
see my cheap sentiment
this aint no song
you call it deep emotion
cause hidden in the words
are the secrets that you long
An old man down on main street
he warned me that my world
would soon come to an end
if I did not chance who I had become
I scoffed and kept on a walking
but his words they've been bouncing
round the frontside of my head
and down some backtrail in the whiteshell
cause my egos snowflake fragile
ive never felt the same since you left me on that day
I wonder if that old man
ever knew the pain
and how every choice'll change the outcome

Seven Heads

Written By: Adrien Sala

Well some time ago I stumbled into an old Gastown café
The place was dark, curtains drawn and the walls in slow decay
As she poured my cup of coffee slow
I felt the weight of someone’s eyes
And the beauty of St. Patrick on the wing

I went over to his table and I made myself at home
I asked him sir how is it that you do?
Well the coffee here is poison but I like it all the same
You can beg me for my wisdom but don’t touch

I got a bag of eaten rib bones and a pocket full of songs
Sun weathered and beaten down he spoke in muted tones
It’s a holy road your walking mister I told him with a grin
As his eyes watched me in distrust

I used to be a toolpusher, now I’m begging all day long
My children I don’t see them anymore
This roads been hard and my legs are sore and I lost my kid in a courtroom war
It is my fault I did not treat them well

I fought the role tooth and nail
But them eight hours was killing me
I felt that my home was on the road
Now I roam from town to town
And I’m bleeding from my nails
Not a day that I don’t think about my son

When you head out on the highway
Are you really free?
Or are you running from yourself, it don’t work, just ask me
Cause the seven heads of loneliness you’ll have to face one day
And he turned and walked into the light


2006- High Water Everywhere (Dollartone Records)

Set List

20 songs of my own making, countless country and roots covers...