BandHip HopRock

My music has a solid foundation in hip hop but is heavily influenced by numerous other genres of music, primarily rock and electronic. I'd like to believe that when people hear my music they can first and foremost relate to the feeling of that particular song while giving them something new as well


the primary purpose of my music is for my own release but the release of the listener as well. my efforts have been to work with as many people from different countries as possible because they bring a new set of influences from that particular region, and thus far i have had the opportunity to work with producers and other artists from 6 countries and numerous different states. I have been featured on a Cd released in Germany and then on the internet, the goal of this Cd was to promote awareness of the ongoing problem of aids in Africa. My music has many influences that are recognized by the avid listener but has elements that are intended to push the limits that sometimes restrict people when thinking of what defines a particular genre. Many of my songs are very different and are intended to keep those die hard fans to continue listening, never exactly sure what will be next.


Stonefish - my first solo album entirely produced by handy cat an 18 year old producer hailing from Norway.

blackout sands - to be released date early July
like a rooster from hell - second solo to be released late October

Set List

My typical set is 30 minutes and I like to keep it interesting for the listener as well as myself by doing partial along with full songs. I have done a hip hop interpretation of sweet dreams by the Eurythmics along with a snippet from Bob Siegers song on the road again.