A.D. Skolar

A.D. Skolar

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopSoul

The Poet, The Philospher, The Scholar, The MC Period.


A poet, songwriter, and artist, above all else A.D. Skolar is a Bronx born MC. Since 1992 A.D. has been finding his way through an ever changing hip-hop culture. As the music shifted from the grit of b-boys and street poets and into a pop-culture commodity, A.D Skolar has held strong to its roots. Picking up where his predecessors left off (KRS, Black Moon); Skolar brings back a time in music long before it was exploited by mass marketing. With lyrics reminiscent of early Roots, Native Tongues, and KRS, A.D.’s sound is a testament to the early MCs who used their voice to spark awareness and change. Quick metaphors and gritty images are infused with insightful revelation. Most importantly A.D Skolar paints an un-apologetic portrayal of self, something that seems to be overlooked as many artists are now marketing themselves as super villains or action stars. And though there is an old school nostalgia laced throughout his music, it has all the intricate melodies listeners have come to expect from an artist of this millennium. Together these qualities create a sound that has been sought-after but not yet found. A blend of everything the music used to be and everything it has evolved into.

Set List

Mr. Feel Good
Let Me Know
My Love
Talk About It
You Don't
Let It Go