A. D. Smith

A. D. Smith

 Memphis, Tennessee, USA

A. D. Smith looks to combine various styles of music into one eclectic praise he calls "Warfare Worship". Using tribal-like drum patterns, rock infused guitar licks, and war cries that resound from one's belly, A. D. seeks to create a music that reaches men as well as our Creator.


A. D. Smith

A lot of things may be said about A. D. Smith, III. What cannot be said is that this youth pastor/songwriter/musician/author fits any predetermined packaging. Hailing from Memphis, TN, this Pastor’s son has been around music all his life. His family’s musical roots are deep and rival even that of the Winans. In 2006, A. D.’s song “He’ll Fix It”, was selected by the Gospel Music Workshop of America to be recorded on their Annual Songwriters Album. A. D.‘s father, Pastor A. D. Smith, Jr., accompanied A. D. to Dallas to lend his soulful lead vocals on the ‘old school’ rendition. The song was a hit with attendees and staff alike. A. D.’s independent released album, “the act of serving” was also released that year. His single “How Could He Love Me”, received radio play from both FM and AM outlets. Five years later, A. D. still receives periodic calls from people saying, ”wow, they just played your song!”

A couple of years ago, God began to flood A. D.’s head with music…but unlike any music he had ever written before. He was used to blending styles but these songs were a stretch, even for him. They were worship songs but not in the ‘usual’ since. Birthed out of a traumatic season in which A. D. was quickly married, divorced, and shamed, these songs brought forth wailing and cries from A. D.’s belly. A. D. created a name for them…Warfare Worship.

A. D. Smith looks to combine various styles of music into one eclectic sound he calls ‘Warfare Worship’. Using tribal-like drum patterns, rock-infused guitar licks, and War Cries that resound from one’s belly, A. D. seeks to create a sound that produces warrior-like response from mankind as well as our Creator.

A. D. and his ex-wife, Jasina, remarried in 2011 and are expecting their first child in November. Along with music, A. D. is working on a book concerning their story. A. D. is also an award-winning screenwriter. His screenplay, “The Assigned”, a sci-fi adventure in which three young adults are given extraordinary powers from God after each of their lives is shaken by tragedy, has placed top ten in the “Kairos Prize Awards” and the “Philadelphia Screenplay Contest”.

A. D. now firmly believes the trials he overcame were there to press him, just enough, so that the oil that was needed for his anointing could be produced. He looks forward to the rest of the journey…



Written By: A. D. Smith

We wanna see your face 4x
We wanna touch your hand 4x
We wanna go higher
We wanna taste your goodness 4x
We wanna smell your fragrance 4x
We wanna go higher
We wanna be where you are 4x
Are you ready to set the atmosphere 4x
We're ready Lord to set the atmosphere 3x
We're ready to bless you, we're ready to trust you
We're ready to please you, we're ready to praise you
Higher (rpt)
We wanna hear well done 4x
We wanna go higher