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The music is like all the atom bombs going off at once. My lyrical delivery is like all the public enemy songs put together. My message is like every presidential speech combined. We win. And we want you to win with us. Book A.Dub now. First show is free.


ADub’s daring style and aggressive delivery brings positive, uplifting and a whole new life to hip hop and rap. Mostly described as a political rapper or a consequence rapper, Aaron‘s music usually includes metaphorical lyrics know as alternative rap blended with the sounds of hip hop, funk, pop, and soul.
Aaron Faucett was born on January 4, 1987 in Pasadena, California. At the age of six, he moved to Chicago, Illinois, where his love for music was born. Growing up Aaron use to sing along to artist like Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Prince. Influenced by the sound of Chicago soul and MoTown style, which presents an unmistakable gospel sound. At the age of sixteen, Aaron discovered his true talent, rapping; words, rhythms, and rhymes filled his notebooks.
In Aaron’s early career he performed in a few local talent competitions and musicals venues such as; Fat Mans’ Inn, Ann Arbor, MI, Chaser’s, Juss Jokin’, On Cue, College of Lake County, and shows throughout the Midwest, with the group and as well as solo, and was coined the nickname “ADub” because of the double A’s in his name. The usually shy Aaron was able to come to life in his music. He currently goes to open mic nights and sings occasionally at different battles of the bands. Aaron splits his time working on his own music and with a group known as the “Owo Boys“.


Modern Warfare

Written By: Aaron Faucett

Real dude, real jewels, real every thing
Real smooth, real cool, many wedding rings
I’m so new ride wit bout a hundred dames
Live in a trap, got me choppin up everything

If it aint bout money, what the fuck is you talking
Got these bitches all stalkin, cuz these riches gotem joggin
They jaws keep droping, theses signs don’t stop em
Leave in you in coffin, got it raining like a faucet

Pouring pouring, adub keep storming
Ur songs don’t go and yo flow super boring
All my hot fans thieve, my cd stay burning
In my hip hop game, all my real niggas scoring

Lyrics super crazy, pitch like tom brady
Super tax return, quarter backs no babies
My niggas throwing white like we live up in the 80s
Shine so bright, that a shadow coulldn’t give me shady

Spit for amigos, n write bout an essay
Got a school of bars, they all try test meh
Mad at my ego, say I’m cocky in display
Make u throw White flags, say may day hay

Engineer bring presents cuz he so gifted
All my niggas get a cut, slice in up da dividens
What da hell is Christmas, all I got is hit lists
Catch me in my lexus, runnin intercections

Spaceship ride, levationion time
Super turbo charger, my aviation fly
Danny in da civic, karl on da biker
Hit you wit a rango, or Nissan pathfinder

I stay behind er, I driving her super crazy
Just lost my license, she driving mr daisy
She don’t give a fuck, cuz she love to say pay me
So It aint fuck you, is more pretty please baby

So Pay attention, da competitions never is existence
Halo gun flow, got em zapped in instance
Your cry baby money smalling den premature infant
Smoke like snoop dogg, catch this puppy ego tripping

See me ho dippin, I mean what I say
My flow brilliant, yours just okay
I be with the queen like an ace of spade
Bustin at you kings, jacking like juice j

Got friends in jail, gotta put money on fone
Writing these letters, til they come home
Free Jolene, not here, but not gone
When kayous, get out, imma put him on.

Got Call of duty tracking Its modern warefare,
she on my coat tail, but she cant get a dool lare
you days stay bad like u got the worst hair
shoot you thru your luggage, leave your u n ur purse peared

whatchu mean by that, the engineer got wisdom
never pull it out, bout to start my kingdom
kidnap your wife, she happily pay the ransom
your face look smacked, and I’m so handsome

spit like I been in prison my whole life
pushing your favorite rapper shit in, mold dykes
you have trouble hearing, hardheaded, told twice
you girl man ain’t nothing like me, old spice\

yaaa check me out and we riding motorbikes
cc cycle warranty, we can get more bikes
u never seen a sight, my team make it hype
catch me 100 on a wheelie, getting my first high

I’m running from the law, not guilty to da charge
So every time I go in, more activity I involve
Smack lawyer, plea jail time, I’m their serage
Prision visitor for a month, ur leader evolved

Kobe how I ball, you wont no me when I fall
Unless I’m shitting on the world, like the earth’s a stall
My additude is raw, my latitude is high
So give a second just to reckon wit the engineer god

I love my job, so all I see is bonuses
You chicken’s ain’t sturdy, you breasteses bonelesseses
I be getting paper, boy, like money doseses
Your cash handicated, you need more assiststes

Adub he so different, chicks want to hit da kid
Can’t tell I’m holdin cuz u cant see thru my window tint
Black operation, black gear, black optical
a.dub lyrics flame like medical, floptical

black ops.

Written By: Aaron Faucett

I’m always on but I go off
They called me to duty, gimmie more black opts
Saving all the girls while u tell deez hoes off
New everything so u kno imma show off

Fly to the mall just to get me fly shit
Shit like flysies Kiss fly chick lips
Spaceship gang, my fly white whip
Black operation now, sink slave ships

You cant rap, my schedule stay pack
Put yo girl to sleep, make her take 8 naps
Not tinchie styrder, she love to take me back
You are not a thug, aint take my class

Lost ur hat, then split your wig
Rap magician, Got tricks for kids
Her head warm use Flavor mint
Flow like sex lube, Spit my dick

Have no fear, engineer is here
I smoked a lot pot, and drank a lot beer
Get paid every spot, all my niggas cheer
U Might as well stop, u go no where
I’m good like recycle, you hot like garbage
SS Gang, appear before the sergeants
Super store closing, eliminate all targets
Black op mission, got u runnin to the tarp’s

Out on bail and imma still make a dip
Charged with theft cuz I steal yo chicks
My bars on sess, kush in my laryrics
Right hand man but smack u with my Watch wrist

Time is money, so I’m always on the clock
Get fine honeys, thighs thick like a ham hock
Sex game tall, she love to give me hand cock
new black opt, cant never get our plan knocked

burb kid, skateboarding in surburbia
driving a suburban, deep in court call it the jury truck
lawyer paid up, tell the judge u never worry us
f da cop, run outta court u better hurry up

running like a skury duck, gunning like I’m elmer ferd
oo no, did I dooo that, mm hmm ya u did yes sir dub
demand so high, supply need a surplus
got me running circles putting on shows like the circus

partnership strong, no puppets like erry and birt
my nigga just loaned me, my friends are no jerks
his girl just doomed me, and we share skirts
now imma take the world please just let me get my dough first

it was all in the power of the my songs
it’s a new occupation, black operation
cure the whole world, let us all get along
hopefully my cd bigger an oprah thongs

ya, ain’t I crazy den a mud fecka
luda and ice cube should be on the own network
googling with engines, earning more net worth
on it like souljah boy, engineer make da network

with like 8 bars to go, what am I gone say
ella comas ella, mi novia es hombre
we we to the French, she love my forte
pockets on swoll cuz I up sale my pay

f old school, and f new schooled
I’m a new dude, I’m good schooled
Spit so sick I spew mo crude
On a mountain with tim grins, like we dew

Ur so used, I’m newer den brand
Kush smell like a sewer with a fan
We in situation, engage bo plan
Black operation, get the ceo man

The world can’t hold me, earth’s not a crib
I’m not a baby, but my crys infinite
Lost all my marbles like I just finished gin
Product of my envoriment, do I really fit in

I’m rocky when he bang, Cocky and insane
Made by some crackers, gave me salty game
Tought me bought this money, but dad gave me name
Now I got Cribs everywhere, she forgot we on a plane

Lyrics forever like cinderalla as a house wife
U can’t fit my shoes, u not a dude, ur a mouse mice
Ain’t good at partttering u been a spouce twice
So im cutting all your ex’s with a blouse knife

One word to describe me, dre said I’m sporadic
Loud music all around me, spit around the orbit
Get these hoes stopping faster than brake pad cermic
I’m colder than Ice got your cd sinking like titantic

So I’m sorry hip hop, it took me so long
It woulda been short, but I fall asleep wit a bong
Blowin on home grown Speak my language rosastone

Yea and its bout 35 seconds left,
My skills improved, are u ready for the test
15 tracks left for the record
Gadget style flow, engineer inspector

Live your life, cuz u know imma live mine
ice cream in chili even if I live in mine
No disease not even just swine
Drink it like its water, and say its just wine

I’m just fine, now this my reason
Bring the world a gift Tis to the season
Give to poor, steal from rich, we eating
Spaceship lights on me I’m beaming

mm dad a da doom, mm dad a day
ooo laaa laa loo oooo la la la layyy


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