Adult Situations

Adult Situations


So Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith didn't end their lives but instead met up with each other one fateful night, eloped to vancouver, and adopted three kids: us. Gomez is the godfather.


RECENT NEWS: The band has just finished their new album, "Things That I Like". The album will include new recordings of Sudden Death, Reconnected, I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore, Cigarette, Somebody Fucks Up Your Everything, Piano Etude, Manhattan and more. We are currently aiming for a Fall 2006 release.


Nick, Ian and Asher all met in high school five years ago. In 2002 they formed "The Johnny Tweed Show" with friend Chris Steele, recorded a short album and started to play the New York club scene. In the summer of 2003, Adult Situations formed and began writing material at a rapid rate. In 2006, Asher moved to San Fransisco, so Manhattan School of Music man Lee Pardini joined the melee, and things started to really get out of hand. Adult Situations combines the smarts of jazz with the hard energy of rock, bending genres at will. Taking from Nick's love of jazz and rock, Lee's love of hip-hop and R&B and Ian's strong folk sensiblities, Adult Situations rocks the floor and moves the soul.

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"Things That I Like" - recorded 6/05, scheduled for Fall 2006 release.

"Your Best ep" - featuring tracks from Things That I Like", limited run, not for sale

"the augury e.p." - released 1/5/05 - free live E.P. given out to audience members. Limited Run, not available for sale.

"audio verit�" - released 6/9/04 - a collection of demos and home recordings by the band - you can hear samples and purchase this album at

Further music available to be streamed at

Set List

Incomplete (Original) Song List:
Life As A Glass House, Cry Out, Fine, Tricky, Schizophrening, Fight If You Want (Rosie), Mathilda, Broken Goodbyes, Don't Got, Warning Shot, Hit or Miss, Skip To The Next Track, Augury, Forgiveness, Piano Etude, Sudden Death, Manhattan, American Spirits, Unresolved, Why Me, I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore, If Somebody Fucks Up Your Everything, Wish, Reconnected, Things That I Like, Baltimore, Cigarette, Naked, Wake Up Alone, Maryknoll, Palindromes, Everything Must Go

Our sets are governed by the clubs we play. We are capable of playing anywhere from 30min sets to two 50 min sets, or one 1 1/2 hour set.

Typical Setlist:
Arlene's Grocery, NYC - 6/23/04: Sudden Death, Don't Got, Fight If You Want, Piano Etude, Tricky, Manhattan, Wish, Augury, Life As A Glass House, Hit Or Miss

Some songs we have covered: On The Bound (Fiona Apple), Under African Skies (Paul Simon), Bring It On (Gomez), Shiver (Coldplay), I'm So Tired (Beatles), Zero (Smashing Pum