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2003 - CD Compilation - 97Xmas - New Rock for the Holidays - "Three Kings" performed by ADULTS ONLY.

2004 - CD Release - "18 to Enter 21 to Think" (14 Tracks)

2005 - DVD Feature - Revelation Production's "Emerald Dreams - A Gulf Coast Surf Film".

2007 - CD Release - "Hotbed of Iniquity" - Release date: 10-31-07 (Internet Only - 13 tracks)

2008 - CD Release - "Hotbed of Iniquity" - Release date: 07-04-08 (Hardcopy w/ artwork - 13 tracks)



ADULTS ONLY are a band of misfit musicians that originated from the panhandle area of FL. "The band" now consists of the musical partnership between Jon Hanna and Jeb Smithwick.

Their music is not vulgar, nor is it coated in bubblegum pop. It is an engaging mix of smart rock that appeals to a wide range of music lovers, foregoing any known genre to become it's own entity.

In this day & age of Neo-Punk and Emo bands flooding radio stations, ADULTS ONLY are carving their own niche with their guitar driven recording sessions and eccentric songwriting style.


03/08/03 - A rainy Saturday afternoon, Jeb Smithwick packed up his trumpet & some cold beers, picked up Greg Taylor, and headed over to Jon Hanna's house for an afternoon of playing music. Luckily, the tape machine was rolling that day, and the 1st gathering/performance by the 3 men who would become ADULTS ONLY was captured and distributed as an "official bootleg" to friends/various strangers. This improvised jam session saw the genesis of 2 of their instrumental tracks that would appear on their full length debut CD; SFT (originally w/ trumpet), and French Quarter Drive (at a whopping 8 minutes and 33 seconds).

Jon chose the moniker ADULTS ONLY from a poster he saw on a friend's wall. The name of the band is a pun of sorts; their music is not obscene, it is intended for a 'mature' crowd, the discriminating music fan that is fed up with generic radio rock and craves something different.

After numerous jam sessions and sporadic live performances, the 3 of them began work on their 1st album in the spring of 2004. By July, ADULTS ONLY had 6 songs ready to go, but when Jeb announced that he was relocating to Indianapolis that number changed from 6 to 19. They dedicated all their spare time to recording their personal pet project, unsure if all 3 of them would ever be in a room again. Recording problems ensued, personal relationships suffered, and Jeb's house got robbed. Needless to say, it was a rough summer.

In December 2004, their album '18 To Enter, 21 To Think' was released, to much praise and surprisingly positive criticism. The collection of songs shows off their musical diveristy without succumbing to the braggadocio customarily associated with progressive rock. All the artwork for the album was done by CornFed Cannibal, an extremely talented illustrator and one of Jon's oldest friends. The artwork serves as a backdrop to the story that '18 To Enter...' tells. Refusing to call it a 'concept album', Jon likes to think of the album as 'a lost episode of CSI'.

After a transition period the dust settled. Jon and Jeb remained and were ready to write and record new music. The only problem was that they now lived 600+ miles away from each other. Thanks to modern technology (a.k.a. the internet) Jon and Jeb were able to continue doing what they liked best. They file swapped using email, sent IM's at their day jobs and had rather hefty cell phone bills. Song after song kept growing and developing. This non-traditional method of recording was challenging and certainly eliminated the spontinuity that Adults Only had grown accustomed to. This forced Jeb to be more structured in his song writing and encouraged the guys to once again push the envelope and try new things. Without sitting in the same room once, Adults Only created their second CD!

10/31/2007 - Adults Only released their second full length CD entitled 'Hotbed of Iniquity' exclusively as a download via their websites. The new songs attracted positive attention but something was missing. The missing piece was none other than the artwork of the notorious CFC.

July 2008 - CornFed Cannibal has completed the artwork and the hardcopy CD's are now available.

"If you like Guitar Hero, Rock Band and zombies you need this CD." - Harry Lime

Stay tuned for more exciting Adults Only news. Thank you for your continued support.