Adults Only

Adults Only


Their music is not vulgar, nor is it coated in bubblegum pop. It is an engaging mix of smart rock that appeals to a wide range of music lovers, foregoing any known genre to become it's own entity.


ADULTS ONLY are a band of misfit musicians that originated from the panhandle area of FL. "The band" now consists of the musical partnership between Jon Hanna and Jeb Smithwick.

Their music is not vulgar, nor is it coated in bubblegum pop. It is an engaging mix of smart rock that appeals to a wide range of music lovers, foregoing any known genre to become it's own entity.

In this day & age of Neo-Punk and Emo bands flooding radio stations, ADULTS ONLY are carving their own niche with their guitar driven recording sessions and eccentric songwriting style.


03/08/03 - A rainy Saturday afternoon, Jeb Smithwick packed up his trumpet & some cold beers, picked up Greg Taylor, and headed over to Jon Hanna's house for an afternoon of playing music. Luckily, the tape machine was rolling that day, and the 1st gathering/performance by the 3 men who would become ADULTS ONLY was captured and distributed as an "official bootleg" to friends/various strangers. This improvised jam session saw the genesis of 2 of their instrumental tracks that would appear on their full length debut CD; SFT (originally w/ trumpet), and French Quarter Drive (at a whopping 8 minutes and 33 seconds).

Jon chose the moniker ADULTS ONLY from a poster he saw on a friend's wall. The name of the band is a pun of sorts; their music is not obscene, it is intended for a 'mature' crowd, the discriminating music fan that is fed up with generic radio rock and craves something different.

After numerous jam sessions and sporadic live performances, the 3 of them began work on their 1st album in the spring of 2004. By July, ADULTS ONLY had 6 songs ready to go, but when Jeb announced that he was relocating to Indianapolis that number changed from 6 to 19. They dedicated all their spare time to recording their personal pet project, unsure if all 3 of them would ever be in a room again. Recording problems ensued, personal relationships suffered, and Jeb's house got robbed. Needless to say, it was a rough summer.

In December 2004, their album '18 To Enter, 21 To Think' was released, to much praise and surprisingly positive criticism. The collection of songs shows off their musical diveristy without succumbing to the braggadocio customarily associated with progressive rock. All the artwork for the album was done by CornFed Cannibal, an extremely talented illustrator and one of Jon's oldest friends. The artwork serves as a backdrop to the story that '18 To Enter...' tells. Refusing to call it a 'concept album', Jon likes to think of the album as 'a lost episode of CSI'.

After a transition period the dust settled. Jon and Jeb remained and were ready to write and record new music. The only problem was that they now lived 600+ miles away from each other. Thanks to modern technology (a.k.a. the internet) Jon and Jeb were able to continue doing what they liked best. They file swapped using email, sent IM's at their day jobs and had rather hefty cell phone bills. Song after song kept growing and developing. This non-traditional method of recording was challenging and certainly eliminated the spontinuity that Adults Only had grown accustomed to. This forced Jeb to be more structured in his song writing and encouraged the guys to once again push the envelope and try new things. Without sitting in the same room once, Adults Only created their second CD!

10/31/2007 - Adults Only released their second full length CD entitled 'Hotbed of Iniquity' exclusively as a download via their websites. The new songs attracted positive attention but something was missing. The missing piece was none other than the artwork of the notorious CFC.

July 2008 - CornFed Cannibal has completed the artwork and the hardcopy CD's are now available.

"If you like Guitar Hero, Rock Band and zombies you need this CD." - Harry Lime

Stay tuned for more exciting Adults Only news. Thank you for your continued support.


High Hopes

Written By: Jeb Smithwick

Float away little butterfly, ride on the wind today.
Trying to get out of something you never should have been in anyway

High hopes and good intentions The way it is, no compromise
Place the blame and point the finger Grass is greener on the other side

Don't let it slip away, stand tall and hold your ground
When it's gone, it's gone forever. Don't let your stale world bring you down.

Cruel dreams and self pity
Will only get you out of the door
Tempers flare and feelings reeling
Will you stay around for some more?

All My Bens

Written By: Jeb Smithwick

What do you want me to say, want me to do?

You want all of my money. Why won't you just go away?

I just want to have a little fun, have my day.

You want all of my money. Why won't you just go away?

Broke Hand & Weary Head

Written By: Jon Hanna

Broken hand and a weary head
Rock star's brain is piped with lead

Weary head and a broken hand
Penny's Garden, A Savage Land

Broken hand and a weary head
Sister swims in a pool of red
Tiny box for a ton of rage
With all your demons in their cage

You Were Wrong

Broken hand and a weary head
Janitor's in a stunning bed

Weary head and a broken hand
Lab rats finally understand

Broken hand and a weary head
Sister swims in a pool of red
Tiny box for a ton of rage
With all your demons in their cage

Dream Out Loud

Written By: Jeb Smithwick

At times alone behind those four walls
Wanted to dream but not to fall
Wanted to scream, forget it all
Wanted to dream out loud

Wake up people! We got something to say:
Open your eyes and you can have it your own way

At times alone under this cold ground
Wanted to fly, get out of town
Wanted to cry, it brings you down
Wanted to dream out loud

At times alone in your warm chair
Wanted to live without care
Wanted to give but not to share
Wanted to dream out loud

Go Again

Written By: Jeb Smithwick

When it rains it pours.
Keep your head above the water.
Wonder what fate has in store.
The water's getting hotter.
Don't walk too far from the shore.
It just might pull you under.

I want to see sunny days again, my friend.
I don't know how long it's been, here I go again.

Baby Makes Three (Rhythm Method)

Written By: Jon Hanna

It rained on Xmas Day but New Year's brought us the sun's ray (of hope)
Unoriginal Sin where nobody wins at the end (of your rope)
After trying & lying, denying & crying, you know you'll do what is right for us both

If you refuse tell no one, not even yourself,
And the servants of time will put the pain of the past upon it's shelf

Today's lows are (nothing compared to/small price to pay) for tomorrow's highs
Suffer this Hell for awhile, before you attempt to fly away just to return

Two Weeks Notice

Written By: Jeb Smithwick

A flame slowly dances behind my eyes, thoroughly burns my soul
Makes me realize all the things that I want may come in time
First must beat conformity so I can live my life

Earth touches down with all it's might,
won't let it break me down, won't give up the fight
Light the flame behind the eyes, and burn the sky
From the ashes I will rise to live my life

Dreaming of the day, wasting my time away
At least I'm dreaming of something


Written By: Jeb Smithwick

He holds onto his truth, expects it to get him through
No thoughts of what's to come, only of what's to be done

To take the lives of the innocent & then himself
He's Heaven-sent (as far as he knows)

His values compromised by those that he despises
A religious alibi, "death to all" He's justifies

He holds onto his lies, hopes they will get him by
If they will let him fly, take him home for the rest of time

The Calling

Written By: Jeb Smithwick

It's getting very cold, already starting
Feel the chill on your bones, warmth departing
Not yet has it fallen, but it's coming

Beautiful but perilous, take heed the calling
Losing control towards the edge into a slide
The end might meet you head on, don't be surprised
This just might be the end of you

Woman of Tomorrow

Written By: Jon Hanna

You don't know her name, never seen her before
Yet the game's already finished & you weren't told the score
Better enjoy this moment before your heart becomes so sore
Too bad you couldn't see what your future had in store

Smart kids stay in their sandbox, rich kids don't go to war
And any wise fool can tell you,
"Today's princess is Tomorrow's whore"

Today was love, tomorrow will bring hate
Yesterday was a blissful ignorant clean slate
Once you would have killed to love her
Now you would just love to kill her

Friday you're in her bed rolling onto the floor
Sunday comes but you're not allowed to
cross the threshold of her door
Like a broke wing raven, you'll scratch upon that door
For just a little of her attention, nonetheless, nevermore


Written By: Jeb Smithwick

On the hunt for the prize
The prize is the hunt so don't be surprised
When you realize you don't know where you are
Which way Back to the car

Keep on going, follow the track
Across the creek don't look back
There's a 1/4 mile to go or so the satellites show
Pick up the pace, adrenaline flows

Almost there, down within feet
What awaits you at the waypoint after searching
And searching......Disappointment it seems..

Don't wanna post the DNF

Siren Song

Written By: Jeb Smithwick

Sirens wail their song of warning for those that wish to hear
Tale of a strong wind blowing so near

It conjures fears and brings the tears
For those that have heard this song before

Get down, way down, get underground
Windows breaking, ground shaking, walls are coming down
Get down, way down, get underground
Trees are blowing, no sun showing, havoc reaped upon this town

System Overload

Written By: Jeb Smithwick

You finally broke down
When you're blue there's nothing I can do
You finally broke down
Once you're cracked there's no coming back

You finally broke down
Make memories dreams and wipe the slate clean
You finally broke down
Your time to go, a system overload


2003 - CD Compilation - 97Xmas - New Rock for the Holidays - "Three Kings" performed by ADULTS ONLY.

2004 - CD Release - "18 to Enter 21 to Think" (14 Tracks)

2005 - DVD Feature - Revelation Production's "Emerald Dreams - A Gulf Coast Surf Film".

2007 - CD Release - "Hotbed of Iniquity" - Release date: 10-31-07 (Internet Only - 13 tracks)

2008 - CD Release - "Hotbed of Iniquity" - Release date: 07-04-08 (Hardcopy w/ artwork - 13 tracks)

Set List

A typical ADULTS ONLY setlist could include:

13 Summers
Go Again
High Hopes
Little Bo Peep Show
2 Week Notice
The Liar
System Overload
Dream Out Loud
All My Bens
Siren Song
Improv Jam

Sets typically range from 45 mins - 1 hour.