New Delhi, NCT, IND

Advaita is an eclectic music group from New Delhi India. it has steadily grown to become one of the most respected acts on the Indian music scene... Our sound is a melange of the styles, moods and textures we have taken in from different cultures and different music systems of the world.


Advaita is an eclectic fusion band based in New Delhi, India. As their name suggests (an ancient Indian philosophy meaning Non (A) Dual (Dvai), the band has a spiritual dimension, which runs through their work.

The members of this outfit come from all kinds of musical backgrounds from rock to Indian classical. Their brand of contemporary ‘organic’ fusion has however, been hailed as one of the most original and creative sounds to ever come out of the Indian underground music scene. No where else can one hear a sarangi, tabla and and Hindustani Classical vocalist blend so effortlessly, yet so exotically with guitars, drums and keyboards. Added to this brew are electronic soundscapes which give their music a new age global context.

Advaita is regarded as one of the most exciting live acts on the circuit in Delhi, having played over the years at several venues across Delhi and also outside in festivals like the prestigious Jaipur Viraasat Heritage Festival, the Eastwind festival, the Dhanaulti Rocks Festival as well as three performances at the new hub of the live music scene in India, ‘The Blue Frog’, Mumbai. In November 2005 they rocked a huge crowd in Kathmandu, Nepal. The diverse repertoire of the band has also seen them perform at high profile corporate evenings for clients like The Taj group, Vodafone, the Times of India and HCL amongst others. Appreciation from the classical community resulted in their presence at the Gwalior Heritage Festival where they performed just before Ustaad Amjad Ali Khan on the same stage.

In January 2006, some members of the band played on stage with international superstar Talvin Singh. Later in the year, Advaita received a lot of attention as the in house band featured weekly on NDTV’s talk show Face the Music hosted by Vir Sanghvi. November 2007 was another big month for the band as they were asked to inaugurate the ‘Saarc bands festival’, featuring the best bands from all the Saarc countries. Before that they spent two weeks in Mumbai recording their first full length album at the famed Yash Raj studios .

Outlook magazine refer to them as ‘pioneers’ of a new sound and The Hindustan Times has awarded them the title of ‘bright spark’ in their survey of the Delhi music scene. Advaita’s refreshing approach to the confluence of Eastern and Western sounds and their mature song-writing has also won them praise from such respected artists as Shubha Mudgal, Talvin Singh and Salman Ahmed of Junoon. Most recently, the band has been selected (along with only three other Indian bands) by reputed British producer John Leckie (who has worked with famous bands like Pink Floyd, Radiohead and the Verve) to record two tracks with him for a compilation to be released world wide.

Their DEBUT album was released on EMI and is currently number one of the Music World Delhi Charts!


Grounded in Space: released on EMI 2009

ghir ghir
drops of earth
gates of dawn
so lost
mere yaar

Set List

The usual set can range from 30 - 60 minutes with songs containing Indian and western vocals. Some covers can be included like 'Govinda' from Kula Shaker.