Adventures of...

Adventures of...

 London, England, GBR
BandHip HopAlternative

Electronic synthy old computer games and fairy tales with hip hop. Loud and quiet, a bundle of all of our influences from NIN to John Cage.


At first, it took us a while for us to get a grasp on what we were doing, that came out as a collection of songs and there's a couple of people who have the demo of ours called Door. It was a bit a lo-fi stumble into the dark. There's a good chance you'll never hear it, and thats not such a bad thing, although we have a soft spot for it.

Anyhoot, after Door came Perfects OverRated. You should really get a listen to that, it's super duper fly like Timberland's crazy eyes. It's also totally free. After Perfects OverRated comes our first album called, Bodies. We really love that.

So we've been here and there, played with great people, colaberated with others, seen some things and still have some others to see. We've been live on radio doing our thing in Bristol, Resonance FM have played us, people have loved us live, some people haven't as much. We've run our own night and been heralded as 'eastbourne's best freestylers'. That right there is a big deal!

We're about to go into the studio to write our 2nd EP followed by a ten date tour.


Door - (demo) - Way back when...

Perfects OverRated - (Debut EP) - 2009 ish

Bodies -(Album) - 2010

"untitled" - (EP) - May 2010