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Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Guelph, Ontario, Canada
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Adverteyes remains a beacon of hope.."


Adverteyes remains a beacon of hope for buzz-worthy bands from Guelph which in recent years has been a hotbed of indie talent (Green Go, The Magic, Brides). Best described as majestic art-rock, this six-piece draws influences from Radiohead, The Beatles, and The Mars Volta, melding swirly hard-rock with prog-like bombast, splashes of psych-folk pop, accented with twinkling keyboard passages and melodic vocal harmonies. Definitely not lacking in creativity and eclecticism, Adverteyes nails it down with a cohesive sonic aesthetic. Great band. - Lonely Vagabond (Part of the Exlclaim Network)

"Best local release"

Adverteyes – Myopia – (Indie)
Though they don’t want to admit it, Adverteyes spent five years crafting the sounds and songs on this record. What they came up with is a collage of freaky, gloomy, hard rock pop riffs and hooks that fit alongside Arcade Fire, NIN, and Depeche Mode equally well. The artwork recalls Munch’s Scream, and is really indicative of the fact that the music and stories that come out on this record have been gestating with extreme anticipation for a long time, and their depth and overall quality are really apparent in that vein. If there’s anything that this band can’t accomplish, I don’t know what it is. Expect them to garner the notoriety of at least a NoMeansNo by the time they finish their run, provided the band has that kind of longevity. I really hope so, because this is the kind of music that people the world over can get into, regardless of taste, style, or predilection to hate things they aren’t already familiar with. Adverteyes really crosses genres and description without being overtly up front about their versatility. It’s not like there are dance songs next to metal songs or anything on the record, but there are definitely a lot of different elements at play that are so well crafted that you can’t deny its idiosyncratic beauty. - !earshot

"Pitter Patter Nights"

"Adverteyes bring a wonderfully psychedelic sense to a bar-room noir sound." - Keith Hamilton


Myopia (Sept 2010)e



From the vibrant musical city of Guelph Ontario, Adverteyes has put a dark, catchy and often satirical spin on those pop sounds that we have all come to love and hate. With six full-time members and a handful of frequent guests, this band’s live sound is immense. Their songs are backed by carefully crafted instrumentation and drenched with four-part harmonies reminiscent of a tormented comeback by The Mamas and the Papas.

Lyrically, Adverteyes conjures up fraught images of impending ecological disasters, demonic possessions, extra-terrestrial visitations, gross misuses of power, widespread overconsumption and psychedelic misadventures. Their musical influences are varied, resulting in a diverse and intellectual labyrinth of sonic explorations. From the short, sweet and slightly demonic head boppers like "Remind Me" and "Ward" to the cinematic quarrels of "Astronomically Diabolical," Adverteyes’ debut release, Myopia, covers a broad range in the sound spectrum.
Their music grows on any available surface.