Advocate SeVen

Advocate SeVen

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

If you like high energy, thick crunchy riffs, skillful lead solos, catchy melodies, a low end bass that you can FEEL then Advocate SeVen wants melt your face off! If you don't like that kinda thing then...well, we'd love to melt your face anyway! Book us!!


Getting their start in Cincinnati, Ohio, Advocate SeVen (aka Av7) has begun to emerge on the rock and metal scene with their shredding guitar riffs and intense vocals. Advocate SeVen has been around for 3 years now, starting as just an acoustic trio. Once they dropped hollow wood guitars for their drop-tuned electrics, it was game on for Av7! Their success has taken off after their latest few shows at a Battle Of The Bands, and placing 2nd out of 30 bands, gaining them hundreds of fans and bringing them farther along in their journey. Since then Av7 has been sharing the stage with bands like Decyfer Down, The Letter Black, This Fires Embrace, Staple, Kronicles and Brian HEAD (formerly of KoRn). The guys have been thankful for where God has brought them, and plan on melting faces for years to come. The future is bright for Av7! Here we go, it's time to rize!


Av7 will be releasing their debut EP summer of 2010! Previously released was a 4 song demo, which received some air time on YESfm radio, and raving reviews from our Av7 fans! Check us out on, and coming soon iTunes and Cd baby!

Set List

Advocate SeVen is an all original band and rarely does covers. Our typical set is 30-40 minutes consisting of high energy guitars, catchy melody's and a great audience connection!