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Echoes of Refuge - 2007



Adytum is a Canadian Progressive Metal/Death metal band from Newmarket, Ontario, consisting of drummer Chase Burns, guitarist Daniel Bonofiglio, vocalist/guitarist Brendan Dean and bassist Ryan Lewis.

Adytum was formed in Autumn of 2004 when Brendan Dean and Ryan Lewis began talking of forming a band to the likes of Opeth, Dream Theater, and even Rush. Ryan, having grown up with Daniel Bonofoglio, formed a union thick as concrete within the walls of Dan's basement. The triad of heroes, likened to that of a ka-tet, began practicing and writing at a monstrous level, creating what is now to be known as Adytum's first battle cry, "The Willow's Haunting."

A fair creation for a first song, the triumvirate decided to bring in a fourth member on drums. Dean Williams, an old school mate of Brendan's, was asked if he felt he had the power within to step in as the fourth member. He accepted the challenge, and thus the first full mutation of Adytum was conjured.

2005 found Adytum establishing themselves in the local Toronto metal community, forming a strong union with former heavyweight champion Marko Vukovic. Together, Marko introduced them to an array of individuals, including their now label mates Will of the Ancients and ultimately their label masters, Robert Cranny and Brent Lockman of Northern Storm Records. As Adytum played more shows, they found themselves writing more songs, including "Wendigo", "Trinity Canvas", both found on their debut cd Echoes of Refuge,and the now forgotten song, "The Lich Gate".

The summer of 2006 found Adytum recording their debut cd, Echoes of Refuge, which their current label, Northern Storm Records, picked up. It was during this time, however, that Adytum found its first change of members. One hot summer night, after a long day's work at the lumber mill, Ryan dropped Brendan off on an aimless dirt road near the famous "Orb" of York Region. Brendan walked for hours, eventually entering the only house he could find. It was there that a man by the name of Chase Burns confronted him, claiming that he knew of no able warriors to join him in battle. Brendan, knowing that the warrior spirit of Dean had diminished, invited Chase to come battle with his now triad of warriors. It was at that very moment that Adytum as he is now was born.

March 2007 saw the release of Echoes of Refuge, with a headlining show as well as playing in the metal showcase at Canadian Music Week on March 9th. Adytum are currently now finalizing the writing process of their next cd, and will