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"AedO 'En Route'"

Another one of those real discoveries from the Flemish folk scene. AedO are a cool innovative young band, with a new exciting brand of music. The tunes make full use of the range of instruments - often focussing on accordion, bagpipes or saxophone, but with backing of drums, guitars and bass. The tunes, nearly all written by Pieter and Jonas de Meester, are catchy and sound very fresh. They are usually somewhat based on pan-European traditional music, in particular French traditional dance music, but take always their own life, taking on all sorts of influences, particularly rock and pop. Thus sometimes the listeners are taken to a bal folk, then into a cool cocktail bar, then to a rock concert, then back to a more serious music theme. To add to the range, there are also two attractive pop songs, one in Flemish, the other in French, with some great folky innovative instrumental interludes. The interplay between the different instruments is often spectacular, e.g. between accordion and saxophone. The only thing which I notice is that possibly for me the CD might have been even more perfect if it would have been slightly shorter, thus more condensed. Also parts of the last tune, a remix of the tune "Experior", is not really my cup of tea - a bit too much experimentation with modern music.
But with that as my only critical note, I can still whole-heartedly recommend this album.

- Michael Moll - FolkWorld

"AedO 'En Route'"

Chalk up another plus point for Belgium, the quiet seat of rootsy revolution. Non only do they have the considered, thoughtful electric traditions of Kadril, the sparky modernity of Lais, but now add to those names the juvenile ambition and promise of AedO. In a somewhat confused birth, Kadril figure large, sharing a stage and ambition with a bunch of teenagers who obviously had drive but unsure direction. Since then, AedO have undertaken shows just about everywhere across the continent, released a debut EP and gone on to shake more than a few trees with this hugely impressive album.
If you’re expecting traditions that are shaken to the core you’ll be disappointed, rather these guys are out to restructure folksy sounds through a great deal of jazz, extemporising and certainly a deal of writing. Basing their sound around pipes, accordeon and a big fruity saxophone, as well as a hurdy-gurdy that guests on more than a couple of tracks, the music’s different enough without being radical. Yet there is a youthful zeal which promises much more cavalier intentions to come, and that if the De Meester brothers can keep their ship on course, then the voyage is bound to be worthwhile.
In places, En Route, might have benefited from a bit more light and shade, maybe one or two of the instrumental tracks do go on a while long, but this is still an impressive showing. Seek with confidence all you who like spirit and guile, no they don’t go for overkill, subtlety is a winning hand, but there is enough confidence here that says buy this and watch for their name in future. Expect a considerable tomorrow.
- Simon Jones - fRoots


2002: Experior
2004: En Route
2005: Single: Medelij



The name AedO came up during the late summer of 1999. A spontaneous performance during a folkfestival was the key to open an important door. Because Kadril took the young group, all between 11 and 14 years, on stage to play in their program.

In 2002, AedO won the ‘Zennetour’, a rock(!)contest in Belgium for upcoming talent. In the same year they were present in front of an overcrowded audience at the Folkfestival of Dranouter. Since then, they did not miss a year.

During the first half of 2001, they appeared on the collector cd “Dansend Folk” and in 2003 on the second one ‘Jong Folk’. With Koen Garriau en Fritz Sundermann, they recorded at the end of 2002 their mini-cd "Experior". 2.500 units were sold, without distribution-deal.

The success did not end in 2003. Contrarily, during the summer months, AedO played over 30 performances where they confirmed their strong live reputation. They received loads of media attention and positive critics. Some major performances were on the main stage of the Ghent Festivities, for the second time on Dranouter, two festivals in The Netherlands and three in Portugal. AedO was then already undoubtedly one of the most promising groups in the Folk in Belgium.

Finally, in 2004 they achieved a milestone for every music group. They took place in the studio and recorded their first full-cd.

AedO exists now 6 years and the boys are grown up. With the release of their full-cd, they definitely create a typical AedO style, breaking out of the boundaries of traditional Folk.