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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Aeileon El Nino of Free Age Music"

Aeileon El Nino

Aeileon’s stroke of genius was the inspired fusing of the hip-hop genre and new age music. He calls it “Free Age Music” and it certainly is a liberation of the mind. The lush melodies of new age mingle in ecstatic joy with the grooves and energy of hip-hop to create a sound that has never been heard before. “I started my own genre,” declares Aeileon.

Music is Life

Why does everybody like music? Because it’s a core part of our existence. Or, as Aeileon likes to think of it, “Music is life.” It is pure creativity and stems forth from our spirit, the source of our creative center – thus it is the very energy and drive behind our actions, which are manifestations of the will of our spirit. “In the beginning was the word. When our brain sends out a signal to tell our hands or feet to move, it is not an electrical impulse. It is actually sound. So to me, music is life – everything you see, touch, feel, sense and hear is music.”

Free Age Music

When Aeileon uses the term “Free Age Music,” he’s not using it lightly. This is not abstract or conceptual or non-literal. It’s just the opposite, says Aeileon. “Long story short, Free Age Music is music that frees your soul literally …” Music is at heart metaphysical and therefore can function in planes to which only our soul is privy. It steps behind the world of physicality and unshackles our spirit to explore the universe and come back to us, wiser and richer. That’s why music is so important and why great musicians are prophets. Behold the message of Aeileon.


Writer’s block means nothing to Aeileon. Why should such a thing exist when inspiration is all around, he asks? “Every day I see something or hear something that inspires me, from my dreams to waking up and getting ready for the day. Every little encounter with everything around me inspires me.” All the life we see around us is the outward existence of deeper reality and it is the ultimate goal of Aeileon to use music to bring us into a deeper understanding of that deeper reality. Thus it is the liberation of spirit.

The Artist at Work

Aeileon El Nino has opened for Bizzy Bone and appeared releases by Mopreme Shakur and Tha Realist of Death Row Records. Aeileon puts his entire body and liberated soul into his music, working from noon to the wee hours of the morning on his music. He is currently teamed up with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.

“Such an imaginative feat, this music. Only a musician with rare vision could have conceived it, let alone pulled it off.” – A&R Select - A & R SELECT


Aeileon has featured on the following Albums?

"Evolution of Elevation" Bizzy Bone,

"The Re-Evolution of Elevation" Bizzy Bone

"Trials & Tribulations" Bizzy Bone

Real Talk Entertainment

"Heart of a Soulja" Mopreme Shakur

"East Meets West" Tha Realist,


Feeling a bit camera shy


Aeileon El Nino was born as Jupiter Rafael Rueda De Leon on the 25th day of January, 1979, in Miami Florida to a father from Mexico City, Mexico and a mother from Honduras. Aeileon El Nino was moved to Zanesville, Ohio at the age of 3 and then moved to Columbus, Ohio about 5 years later.

Aeileon El Nino started off his career at a early age by writing short stories and poems. At around the age of 13 Aeileon El Nino began rapping. Most of his earliest recordings were done off a Karaoke Machine.
Aeileon El Nino first obtained his rap name spelled “illeon” around the age of 16, from a close friend also a rapper by the name of Charles Baldwin. Aeileon eventually changed the spelling because he didn’t want the word ill attached to his name.

A few years later, Aeileon El Nino hooked up with Dj Mixmaster Pep of Platinum Entertainment Productions and acquired the necessary knowledge of mixing and mastering songs down. Dj Mixmaster Pep helped assist in bringing out a group in the early 90’s by the name of “Top Authority”

Aeileon El Nino eventually began working with Bizzy Bone and his group 7th Sign Regime and from there landed his features on Mopreme Shakurs Album and Tha Realists Albums.