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Unearthly and spiritually powerful best describes Aeileon El Nino of Free Age Music's, music. The poetry and depthness of his words of how they flow is something the industry is definitely in need of. The Originality is there, The Look, The Style, The Delivery.


Aeileon El Nino was born as Jupiter Rafael Rueda De Leon on the 25th day of January, 1979, in Miami Florida to a father from Mexico City, Mexico and a mother from Honduras. Aeileon El Nino was moved to Zanesville, Ohio at the age of 3 and then moved to Columbus, Ohio about 5 years later.

Aeileon El Nino started off his career at a early age by writing short stories and poems. At around the age of 13 Aeileon El Nino began rapping. Most of his earliest recordings were done off a Karaoke Machine.
Aeileon El Nino first obtained his rap name spelled “illeon” around the age of 16, from a close friend also a rapper by the name of Charles Baldwin. Aeileon eventually changed the spelling because he didn’t want the word ill attached to his name.

A few years later, Aeileon El Nino hooked up with Dj Mixmaster Pep of Platinum Entertainment Productions and acquired the necessary knowledge of mixing and mastering songs down. Dj Mixmaster Pep helped assist in bringing out a group in the early 90’s by the name of “Top Authority”

Aeileon El Nino eventually began working with Bizzy Bone and his group 7th Sign Regime and from there landed his features on Mopreme Shakurs Album and Tha Realists Albums.


Aeileon has featured on the following Albums?

"Evolution of Elevation" Bizzy Bone,

"The Re-Evolution of Elevation" Bizzy Bone

"Trials & Tribulations" Bizzy Bone

Real Talk Entertainment

"Heart of a Soulja" Mopreme Shakur

"East Meets West" Tha Realist,

Set List

Aeileon doesn't perform covers, but if he does a show he'll do a set of 3-5 songs and up to 14-18 Songs. He has enough material to do longer sets, but his average set will be around 15- 25 minutes. The songs always changes depending on what event it is.