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Saturday night at Grand Rokk featured a load of home-grown metal acts, all whom showed off their impressive chops and skull-rattling riffs but ultimately served to set the stage for hometown heroes ÆLA, who were both the odd-band-out and a satisfying surprise for the handful of out-of-towners in the audience.[...]
[...] ÆLA were clearly the evenings main attraction, and for a good reason. They came on like an Icelandic version of the Minutemen, with the tuxedo-clad singer climbed on tables and yelped over warped jazz grooves, rubbery punk-funk and spidery guitar flourishes. One song kicked off with an eerie minor key groove that could have been featured in some ´60s spy movie, morphed into a cracked country shuffle, then back again, all in less then 90 seconds. Many of ÆLA´s very short songs felt like dadaist anthems - but between their nuanced arthouse stomp and the singer´s cracked David Byrne declamation, they were a hoot and a half.
-Christian Hoard for Grapevine Airwaves Daily, Sunday, october 23. 2005
- Grapevine


2006 - Synið tillitssemi, eg er fravik



Meeting for the first time in the summer of 2003 while working on a small fishing-vessel in the choppy waters of the North Atlantic, they promised themselves that they would start a band together if they ever made it home alive. The fruit of that chance encounter is a live show illuminated by frontman Hallis erratic behaviour- one moment balancing precariously on the edge of a chair whilst yelping incoherently into the mic, the next diving off the stage, guitar in tow, during one of his frequent forays into the audience. Channeling the focused punk-rock sound of bands such as Icelandic legends Purrkur Pillnik, their two-minute bursts of manic noise have also inspired comparison to the Minutemen. However, it is their boundless energy and sense of fun which have garnered praise from all corners and earned them a reputation as one of the most exciting bands around.