Aeolian (e-'o-le-in) - Aeolian's infectious sound, blending improvisational psychedelic grooves, funk rhythm, and insightful lyrics have garnered them successful shows from small clubs to large festivals. Playing lively sets to enthusiastic crowds has won them a passionate and ever growing fan base


Aeolian is a Psychedelic jam band with both dark and light undertones. Formed in late 2005, their fan base has rapidly increased. Combining the spirt of the 70's with influences of today, Aeolian provides a wide spectrum of musical taste. Their set includes darker psychedelic jams with uplifting acoustic jams. The bands unique sound is derived from their varied influences.

Residing in King County Washington, Aeolian brings a new twist to the northwest sound. Each member of Aeolian has came from a multitude of band and musical experience.

Kevin Kohler, providing the lead guitar, began performing in '92 in a band called Honey's Cup from there he played acoustically playing with many different artists from the area. From '95 to '97 he formed the band Bittersweet based out of Lakewood, Wa. From '97 to 2000 he was in a band called the Eleventh Hour also out of Lakewood. His last project before Aeolian was Benny out of Olympia, Wa.

Cory Hughes, providing vocals and acoustic guitar, first performance was with a band named Tossing Oranges out of Ellensburg, Wa. After that he had brief parts in some of the other local bands in the area. In 2000 he moved to Enumclaw, Wa. and helped form the band Lyft.

Jason Schierer, providing both drums and hand percussion, met Kevin in '95 where they became good friends and occassionally jammed together. In 2001 he met Cory and the two performed favorite song covers for friends and parties. In between '95 and 2000 he helped form the jam band, J3 out of Lakewood, Wa.

Stevil, providing the bass guitar, met Cory through various friends and started jamming with Aeolian in late 2007. He joined his first band, Outlet, in high school. At 21 he moved on to the punk band Bent Richard, where he spent several years honing his talents, then a female fronted rock band, Less Than Pure. Stevil’s main influences include Mudvayne, Tool, Metallica, Stone Temple Pilots, The Who, and Led Zeppelin.


"Aeolian" (4 song demo)

1. No Sleep Tonight
2. Slowing Down
3. Fall Apart
4. Let it Go

Live at Merchants Cafe

1. One More Dawn
2. Surface
3. Slowing Down
4. Fall Apart
5. Inner peace
6. No Sleep Tonight


Set List

1. No Sleep Tonight
2. Slowing Down
3. Fall Apart
4. Let It Go
5. The Search
6. One More Dawn
7. Near The Edge
8. Falling Off The Line
9. Weed Alright
10. Time To Change
11. Traffic
12. Surface
13. Bid Farewell
14. Inner Peace.............

1. Indifference (by Pearl Jam)
2. Steal My Kisses (by Ben Harper)
3. All Along The Watchtower (by Bob Dylan)
4. Could Have Lied (by Red Hot Chili Peppers)
5. Jane Says (by Janes Addiction)
6. Something In The Way (by Nirvana)
7. Typical Situation ( by Dave Matthews )

We also do a FREE STYLE BEAT BOX and HAND DRUM JAM with our good friend SHELLY THE BEAT BOX QUEEN!