Aeon Solaris

Aeon Solaris


Sounds like a wild rollercoaster ride through spookyworld with a belly full of valium.


The spacier, more mellow and acoustic half of "AEONs", is heavily influenced by classic bands like The Beatles & Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins to new indie classics like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, &Neutral Milk Hotel. Aeon Solaris is the perfect live act for smaller art galleries, coffee shops, and singer/songwriter performances.


Equinox [Autumnal] EP
1.) I'm Only Sleeping (originally by The Beatles)
2.) Soft Blue Skies
3.) Vertiginous

Set List

Looking for 20-30 minute sets for stripped down performances (vox, guitar, keys). 30-45 for full instrumentation performances.