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Carnegie, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Carnegie, Australia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Electronic Pop


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As you can probably tell, we’ve been keeping a pretty close eye on the talented Aeora since her debut EP Alt. was released. Getting lost in the smooth melodies and light vocals that emit from the EP is extremely calming and ever since it came out, Aeora has slowly been releasing accompanying music videos for each. Today, we have a brand new one for you.

Aeora released a clip for ‘Up To You’ a couple of days ago and it’s an amazingly tranquil watch. The song itself is classic Aeora. With an airy melody and a hard pop of synth that kicks the track to life, ‘Up To You’ feels like a dreamy wonderland and Aeora is your tour guide.

The video has a very simple direction and focuses on Aeora as she sings ‘Up To You’ with ease. Pink light swirls in the background and the singer almost looks like an angel as the pink light illuminates around her. ‘Up To You’ makes you feel like time has slowed down. Everything remains quite still as you sit and watch her sing, until all of a sudden, you see water pour down over the singer and steam rising from her shoulders.

The lyrics of ‘Up To You’ tell the story about Aeora‘s feelings towards a person she loves. With ball basically being in the other person’s court, it’s of course up to them what they are to do next. the water pouring over Aeora feels like the emotion of the track all of a sudden pouring out on top of the singer and it helps us understand the song’s message so much more than we would have otherwise.

Check out the clip and get lost in the atmosphere.

Words by Lauren Payne - Purple Sneakers


I’m hard-pressed to call Aeora’s new EP Alt. to be my favorite new music to come out for the summer. Maybe it’s the individuality between all five songs — the EP ranges from pop music to electronic to dance and back again, but there’s also an incredible sense of unity throughout the five songs. They go together, and yet they don’t, making the entire EP pleasantly surprising at the start of each song.

This is the first EP for Aeora, also known as Lisa Spencer. Her previous singles include 2015’s “New Thing” and “Out Loud,” which were released under the name Aura.

“Alt. is my first official EP and my first time that I worked with other producers – which I found really rewarding! The EP as a whole is quite diverse and ranges from hugely pop music to some dark electronic music. I was inspired by other female artists, such as BANKS, FKA Twigs and Björk. For me, I love to listen to albums and really understand the story behind it all; where it all connects and how it all flows from one song to the next. You get a little of this, but one thing I’ve realised about Alt. is that each song is its own and doesn’t really stick to one thing (or genre for that matter). They all kind of show the different perspectives I had through some moments over the past year or so.”

To put on repeat: all five. But also I’m a huge fan of “Afloat.” You can stream Alt. below. - Impose Magazine


AEORA speaks to our inner thoughts as she shares her debut EP, Alt..

You may have heard of Melbourne pop-electronica artist Aeora before as she’s recently sent out highly accredited single ‘Medicine’, and most recently her stunning track ‘Afloat’. Both tracks explored subjects close to Aeora‘s life and challenging times she’s faced, yet only a taste of what was to come. The tracks kicked off what would become her debut EP, Alt. which has since been released via Riot Expert Records.

The EP contains five tracks in which three are unheard of. Beginning with an anthemic composition, ‘Falling’ establishes the confronting and emotional atmosphere for the collection. Aeora also introduces us to progressive and contrasting tracks, ‘Lights Me Up’ and ‘Up To You’. Aeora finds the darkness in her tracks and beautifully, subtly pulls it away to convey an empowering message. Check out the collection here!

Words by NATALIE PALMER - Purple Sneakers


Melbourne-based electronic artist Aeora, the project of Lisa Spencer, has been turning plenty of heads with her latest ‘dark pop’ single Afloat, the second release from her debut EP ‘Alt’. We asked the rising songstress about the processes behind her music and how she feels about her EP.

The lead single from your EP Afloat is such a good example of how electronic sounds and strong vocals can create a real atmosphere. Which influences you were drawing from when you were writing the track?

Aw, thank you! Hmm, I’m not really sure of any influences other than just my general feelings on life at the time. I wrote these lyrics a few months before any melody sort of formed, and I was kind of stuck on a chorus because to me, it felt more like a poem or maybe some sort of self-talk mantra instead of a traditional song.

So I guess I took that and kind of made it more of a mantra, where I repeated a lot of things and had it come off really strong and bold. I really like that about the song. It feels really good singing it.

What made Afloat (and previous single Medicine) stand out for you as the singles from the EP?

I guess they’ve always been the stand out for people when I play them live. I’m not really good at picking out singles, so this was sort of my manager’s job to pick them. But I can totally understand why she felt they were the strongest. I guess they sort of appeal to a lot of people, but they’re also quite personal and reflective for me.

Compared to a lot of the other electro-pop artists out there, you seem to be using a lot of distorted voices and sounds in your productions, what attracts you to those sounds?

I guess I just like to manipulate vocals and other things to make it sound more interesting. You get pretty tired of hearing your own voice, so it’s really cool to play around with it. The songs on the EP featured a lot of vocals modulated through my producers Korg synthesiser and it nearly always made the vocals sound really cool.

The EP overall has a stack of different sounds and vibes across the five tracks. What were some of the other, broader influences that led you to create these songs?

I like to write about things that I find a little difficult to talk about. So it was a little dark on the EP because I guess a few things I was stuck on in my life were pretty sh*t. Sounds depressing, but it makes me feel better and it lets me understand what I’m feeling and move on. A lot of the instrumentation and sounds that came out were pretty spontaneous.

I had the vocals pretty much all down in the demos, but everything around that were just ideas and were probably influenced by a lot by music I was listening to – BANKS, FKA Twigs, Björk, Beyonce, Lorde, The Weeknd etc!

How do you feel ‘Alt.’ differs from other music that you’ve produced previously?

I think it’s very different! A lot of my production is a lot of vocal loops and some beats and simple synthesisers on top of that, so working with other producers obviously changed that sound a fair bit. From me to Owen, it was very different, as Owen uses really heavy drums and synths, where as mine tend to be a bit softer.

Both the producers who worked on the EP (Owen and Guy) do a lot more experimenting with different gear than I would. It makes sounds sound really unique I think.

How did your collaboration with Owen Rabbit on the track Medicine come to fruition?

My manager knew him and thought he’d be a really good person to get working on the track. We really wanted the darkness stand out, but also keep a bit of strangeness to it. He was perfect for it, I think!

Owen Rabbit brings a lot of interesting, and often strange sounds to his productions. Was there anything you learnt from him about the writing and/or recording processes that you will take forward?

Owen was an absolute gun on Medicine. He came up with all these crazy production ideas pretty much on the spot. One thing I like is that he likes to go all out. He has a general feel for it, but then goes “lets give this a go”, and just does it. It’s really cool! I guess he made me step out of my bubble a bit and try weird things. Maybe sometimes they don’t work, but sometimes they do and they sound really special.

How do you expect that the songs will take on different meanings and forms in the live realm when compared to the recorded versions?

Usually I like to sing them all a little more crazy and full on. Just because in the moment I’m not really trying to perfect the sounds, I’m trying to get a message across to the audience and let them know how I feel. Recorded versions are generally a little dulled down because you’re thinking of what sound smooth, nice, and flows nicely. Live setups give a bit more room for stretching that and really interacting with the audience. I think I like performing live far better than recording, but I guess they each have their own benefits… - AAA Backstage


Just a year ago, Melbourne songstress Lisa Spencer – better-known as Aeora – was writing and producing her tracks in her bedroom. This month, she’ll be sharing her unique sound with audiences around Australia as she performs tracks from her debut EP Alt. For her first interstate tour, Lisa will be gracing the stages of major music venues including Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory and Brisbane’s Milk Factory with Melbourne ‘industrial dream-pop’ trio RKDA. In just 12 months, this up-and-comer’s hypnotic vocals have gathered quite a following.

Lisa can’t remember how she started signing – it’s always been something that she “just did”. While her style has been likened to artists such as BANKS, and Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches, she attributes her powerful sound to vocal techniques she learnt from singing country music in her high school days. The mesmerising electronic accompaniments that complement her smoky, hypnotic vocals on tracks like ‘Medicine’ and her latest single ‘Afloat’ are the result of experimentation, and practice. More recently, her voice has attracted the attention of Melbourne’s Owen Rabbit and Guy Louis Faletolu.

We talked about Lisa’s ‘other life’ as a science student at Deakin University, the creative process of collaboration, and how she went from producing tracks at home, to working with big names in the studio.

You first discovered your own voice through country music. Tell me a little bit about how you came to develop your current vocal style?

I loved all those belting vocals that came from artists such as Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and even Taylor Swift. I kind of just worked on my sound, and learnt how to do those techniques with my own vocals. During high-school when I studied music, I was able to pick a genre to focus on. I chose country music and learnt a lot – including how to yodel, and how to expand my vocal range. Yodelling was obviously pretty specific to the genre, but expanding my vocal range was a huge help, and allowed me to use my voice more effectively across a range of musical styles. Trying new styles and techniques definitely helped with creating my own sound as well. I think you may still be able to hear a little twang in my voice sometimes.

You started off producing your own tracks. How did you master the skills to do that?

I did a fair bit of research to find out which programs were the best for production. I tossed up between Ableton and Logic for a while, but in the end preferred Logic as I was able to arrange my songs how I wanted more easily. Now that I am more familiar with producing, I use both! I kind of just experimented for a while – with loops, samples, midi and using different software instruments. I wrote a lot of music on piano and guitar, put all of that through electronically, and added more instruments to the mix. I’m still learning, but it feels good to experiment a bit and not really know what sounds I’ll make. Of course, I usually have a general idea for a song, but I experiment with different instruments until I get the sound I am after.

Every gap in your study and social calendars seems to be filled with music. What does your singing mean to you on a personal level?

Ahh, I love singing. On a personal level, it means that I can express myself. When I sing I can talk about something that’s going on – things that I wouldn’t be able to talk about normally. Singing also helps me to put emotion into what I’m saying.

Nearly every moment of my spare time is focused on music. It’s sometimes difficult, because I can get a little obsessive with music and just forget about study, but I never forget why I’m studying, so I guess that motivates me to stay on track. I do like to do well at uni, so I still have the opportunity to become a vet later down the track. It’s tough to balance things, but then time kicks you in the butt and you kind of just do it, you know?

You’d mentioned that a year ago you’d popped a few tracks on SoundCloud to share amongst friends. What happened next?

I met a girl at my work who managed a number of artists in Melbourne. We became friends, and a few months down the track I showed her my music on SoundCloud and she loved it. She booked me a gig and it went well, so I played a few more shows, and eventually signed a management deal. We started thinking about the right way to release and promote my music, and all of that. Now I’m here and it feels right. I’m so grateful to have her in my life, and especially have her looking after my music.

It’s great that you’ve had the support of your manager throughout this whole process. Could you tell me what you’ve learnt about breaking into the industry and getting your tracks heard?

It’s all a bit confusing and doesn’t always make sense. From what I understand, it’s really important to have some publicity when getting your music out there. Blogs and local radio help a hell of a lot! I kind of see it a bit like a spider web. For a message to get across, there is actually a lot of work that’s done behind the scenes!

Your EP is beautifully balanced. Did you have a grand vision when you started writing the tracks, or did it come together quite organically?

Aw, thank you! I had a few songs that stood out as singles, but I also had a few others that were my favourites. They were all written during the same period (within the last year or so) and kind of held the same theme. I always had this vision that I wanted it to sound like a proper narrative! My EP may be based on a few stories, but it works as one story when they’re together.

With so many tools to record, mix, and send tracks anywhere around the globe, the creative process can be quite an interesting one. How do you work on tracks with other artists?

It is quite interesting process. I guess it doesn’t really matter where you are in the world if you’re working with other artists – sure, it helps to be together in the moment, but it’s definitely not necessary. I worked on a song the other day where I just recorded some vocals and sent them off to someone to work with. When it comes to getting a producer on board with my music, I definitely prefer being near them. It’s just really fun to be around each other when you’re making something! It feels more real, and more collaborative.

Which artists do you draw inspiration from?

BANKS, FKA Twigs, The Weeknd, Lorde, Beyonce, Bon Iver, and so many more.

What’s the most exciting collaboration that you’ve worked on so far?

Both Owen Rabbit and Guy Louis Faletolu with who I worked on for my EP were really amazing. They obviously had different styles, but each of them liked to experiment, and they saw my music with fresh eyes. Owen was really impressive – he worked so fast, and with such precision. It was really cool to see. Guy is my friend and we get along really well, so we had a lot of fun along the way. I patted his dogs most of the time! There are a few more collabs in the pipeline that I’m really excited about, so stay tuned!

Dream collaboration?

BANKS of course. I’m also a huge Tswizzle fan, so that could be cool. Oh and Lorde. I’m glad you asked a question on my dream collaborations – because it’s very hard to see this happening ha!

….but not impossible!

What advice would you give to young vocalists looking to get their name out there?

Get someone on board with your music. Someone who believes in you (and cares about you), and loves your style. As I said, it’s really important to have some support, and having someone behind you who knows the industry really helps.

What does the next year look like for you?

This month I am touring along the east coast of Australia, and playing a few shows supporting other artists. I just released my video for ‘Afloat’, and I’ll be releasing a really special remix for it, which I am very excited about! I’m also working on a really special song with some of my friends, so I’m really looking forward to sharing that. And then, I guess just writing more music!

As for my uni life, I’ll be coming towards the end of my science degree – I’m doing a few summer subjects and will finish my studies in the middle of next year. It’ll be a little tough, I know, but I’m sure I’ll get through it.

Best brunch in Melbourne?

Huff Bagelry or Leftfield

Album you’ve got on repeat right now?

Arthur Wimble’s Hearts

One film that everyone must see:

Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Favourite object in your room?

My amazing electric blanket

Most unusual place you’ve visited:

Las Vegas – it was really weird…

Ritual you always do before you perform:

Have a beer

Any inspiring female artists that we should know about?

I played my first show in Sydney last week and a girl by the name of Odette opened for us! She was amazing and also a really lovely person. She played an amazing set; it was really mesmerizing listening to just her vocals and her keyboard. Also, some of my favourite local female artists that are doing really cool things include: Montaigne, Ngaiire, Mallrat, Alice Ivy, E^st, and Banoffee. - The Ladies Network


Discovering Aeora‘s debut single Medicine just weeks ago was a really exciting time because we got to find someone that sat in a kinda untapped space – creating sad pop with honesty, intimacy & transparency rarely heard in an electronic context.

Today we get the follow-up single – Afloat – and whilst it starts off quite close to your ears, the song rapidly grows into a razor-sharp emotion-fest by the end with a desperation and anguish you really can’t hear coming. It’s incredible. - Project U


Fresh-faced Melbourne artist, AEORA has hit us with another emotive track, ‘Afloat’.

The name says it all really, but Aeora aka Lisa Spencer‘s most recent track reveals the importance of holding your head up and, well, staying ‘afloat’ amongst challenges life may throw at us. The emotional piece is raw at its core with Lisa‘s smoky, impassioned vocals being the focal point.

The piece is the second track she’s released after ‘Medicine’ to be off her debut EP, Alt. set to drop in July. ‘Medicine’ cemented Aeora‘s place in the music scene receiving great support after its release from the likes of Bullett Magazine, triple j Unearthed and S.O.D.WEE.

Now sit back, relax, put your speakers up to full blast and dissolve in the intensity of her latest piece. - Purple Sneakers


Melb’s alt-princess Aeora has no doubt crossed across your newsfeed more than one this year, and that’s for a good reason, you see she’s killing it. Signing to Riot Expert earlier in the year and already releasing a slew of moody and fascinating singles the latest offering Afloat is a beautiful combination of moody experimental pop and powerful vocals.

There is no doubt in my mind whilst I’m listening that Aeora is destined for something magical. There’s a sort of bittersweet happiness to the track, it makes you want to dance without any inhibitions holding you back. The sleek, gorgeous production resonates with every part of your being, lifting your spirit, and further enhancing the already power vocal.

Aeora will be taking to the road with fellow label mate RKDA on a co-headline tour in Sydney and Brisbane. It’ll be the first time we’ll get to see both acts perform live outside of Victoria and you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s going to be a good one. Grab a ticket, you won’t be disappointed. - Semplesize

"Q & A: AEORA"

Melbourne-based electronic artist Aeora, the project of Lisa Spencer, has been turning plenty of heads with her latest ‘dark pop’ single Afloat, the second release from her upcoming EP ‘Alt’. We asked the rising songstress some pretty deep questions to get to know Aeora and her music just a little bit better.

If you had your own TV show, what would be the theme song for it?

Hmm! I’d either create one with some funny voice overs (or even dog barks) with some simple vocals sort of like in Kimmy Schmidt’s Unbreakable, or I’d try to beg Sia or Taylor Swift to use one of theirs.

What would be your most essential desert island album to take away with you?

I’d probably want something really happy and uplifting, but also one that goes through some hardship – I like to relate to what I’m listening to. So, maybe Sia’s album ‘1000 Forms of Fear’ (I’ve been listening to a lot of Sia lately). But then I’d probably really hate her music after listening it for a long time, so maybe not! This is a really tough question (laughs).

If you had to be trapped in a broken lift for 12 hours with any artist, who would you pick?

BANKS, because I love her!

If you were to curate a playlist for a house party, what essential songs would you put on it?

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child, Like a Prayer by Madonna, and Let’s Dance by David Bowie. They all make me feel great things.

CDs, vinyl, or streaming – What’s your preference?

Vinyl! You have this big physical form of what you’re about to listen to, and it is something you can treasure and collect. It kind of makes music really special!

What are your pet peeves when it comes to concert etiquette?

I know it’s unavoidable, but when people just talk over your performance. It’s really easy as the performer to just get on with it, but people around those who are actually trying to listen get the worst of it. Also when people have their phones out the whole time.

I was at Coachella a few years ago watching Lana Del Rey and there was this tall dude with his phone up in the air just in the place of Lana. Most of the time he just looked through the camera to see if the shot was good, instead of watching her…

If you weren’t a professional musician, what type of career would you pursue?

I’m actually studying to become a Vet right now. I have a big passion for helping animals and it would just be amazing to do that. My favourite are dogs, I love dogs!

For the uninitiated, how do you describe Aeora’s sound and live shows?

Most of my sounds are considered ‘dark pop’. I guess people classify it as that because most of my songs are pretty emotional. I do like to make things darker than they are. Usually there will be some down pitched vocals, some synthesisers and some heavy beats. My live shows are usually just me with Ableton. My shows are always a bit more intense (vocally, I like to make it a little more crazy than my tracks). But soon I’ll be backed by a little band, I’m excited for that!

We’re loving your single Afloat, what’s the inspiration or story behind the song?

Ah thank you! Afloat is really about self-love and recognising your own feelings. Sometimes I find it’s quite easy to get caught up in some thoughts, and kind of lose it a bit. So, I wanted to express that and just belt it out. It’s a bit empowering when you’re just shouting it all out!

Lastly, what are three things people should know before seeing you on tour with roster buddie RKDA?

We’re all great friends so we’re basically having a friendfest (i.e. fun will be had).
I will have a slightly new set up.
I’ll be playing my all my upcoming new songs from the EP. - AAA Backstage

"Mismatch’s Top Tracks: June 2016"

Aeora‘s latest single builds on the vocal and emotional prowess revealed in ‘Medicine’. On ‘Afloat’ her personal, yet accessible lyrics are met with moments of sleek electronic charm. Her debut EP Alt is out this month. - MisMatch.TV

"Summer Shimmers: Aeora – “Afloat”"

What is it about Melbourne? First comes Courtney Barnett with her originality. Now Aeora comes from there, and she delivers such a great song with “Afloat” that just sends shivers up your spine. Her voice is so unique, and even when she sings about staying happy, she sounds so worldly and barely unbeaten. I believe her press captures it best:

This electro-pop track combines raw emotion, and a synth reminiscent of your favorite 80’s band to create a refreshing and cathartic music experience.

She has vocals that can be compared to CHVRCHES, but she is so individual, Aeora needs to be heard without comparison to anyone else. She is that good. Come to the States and play Pittsburgh. - Audio Fuzz

"Stumbled Upon #114: AEORA (Melbourne)"

Lisa Spencer is currently completing her tertiary studies out of Melbourne, where her focus is veterinary science. While uni takes up a fair amount of her time, Spencer has also thrown herself into her music, quickly making an entrance with some intensely effective sounds on early single “Medicine”.

Writing and releasing music as AEORA, she’s further developed a talent for crafting some stunning and dark electronic pop, most recently demonstrated on newest single, “Afloat”.

In the 114th edition of our Stumbled Upon series, we learn more about where the creative influences for AEORA’s music came from, and where we can be seeing Lisa on stage next.


Pop, Electronic.

Website/Social Media:

Facebook | Website | Twitter

Members & their roles:

Lisa – vocals, and everything else.

What music or artists inspired you?

Taylor Swift, BANKS, Beyonce, James Blake and so many more.

How did you get started?

I learnt guitar and piano when I was young, and wrote heaps of folky country stuff. Then when I was out of high school, I got into electronic music and started that in Logic and Ableton. I kept it to myself for years until I met my manager, who encouraged me to get it out into the world.

How would you best describe your live show?

Just me, myself and I singing, dancing and having a good time. Haha. I sometimes hide behind my Ableton controller, but most of the time I like to just be up front and singing my heart out.

What shows do you have coming up?

I’m playing in Sydney (August 6th at the OAF) and Brisbane (August 20th at The Milk Factory) alongside RKDA. And in between I’ve got a Melbourne show too, August 11th at The Gaso. I’m super excited for all three of them. The supports are amazing too!!

Tell us about your latest release:

My latest release, “Afloat”, is a song that expresses the importance of looking after yourself. I wrote it after I realised I had gone through a shit load and yet I was still sane! Haha. I tend to be conscious of my thoughts, because I know how easy it is to lose it a bit if I don’t care for myself enough. It’s cool that you can go through some tough times and become stronger. It was empowering for me to sing about it and just get loud.

Where can I get your music?

Errrywhere! Spotify, iTunes, BandCamp, soundcloud, triple j unearthed and soon, YOU CAN BUY THE UPCOMING EP ON VINYL! (Can you tell I’m excited?) - The AU Review


Melbourne’s Aeora is quickly becoming the artist’s name on everyone’s lips. Her moody electronic-pop stylings reverberate deep within your body as each track brings about different feelings. As if her music wasn’t enough to make us fall in love with her, she also is the owner of one of the cutest puppies. So where else would we go for an interview than a dog park?

How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with you?

Just like, pop electronic?

With your debut EP coming out soon, what can we expect from it?

There’s a few songs that are already out, and there is one that is really really pop-ish and just an epic love song. Then there’s one that is really electronic and a bit more loops and stuff, vocal loops. Just a mixture, different songs that fit one genre then there are a few that are a bit mixed and stuff.

Are there any musical influences that are going to come out strong on the EP?

Definitely banks, always, a bit of Bjork on a few tracks. A lot of female vocalist stuff.

So you’ve got your first interstate shows coming up, how’s it feel to get to do that?

I’m really excited, I think it will be good. I think it will be good to go to Brisbane, I’ve got a few friends there. Sydney will be a bit nerve wracking because it’s Sydney, and I’ve never been.

How would you describe your live show, given that it will be unfamiliar to most on this upcoming tour?

A lot of me just singing, but I’ve added a few more elements. So I’ll be playing keyboard and a bit more on the drum pads. I think it’s more epic, I usually go a bit more epic in my live show than I do on the recorded tracks.

What’s the best part of touring?

I don’t know *Laughs* I’ve never done it! I think the best part will be, because I’m going with RKDA, we will have a lot of fun. We’ll just have fun. I’ll party a bit…..we won’t *laughs again*

What’s on for the Aeora project for the rest of the year?

SO we are releasing the EP, I think next week. I’m going to be releasing collab song with someone. I’m writing a bit more, so I’m thinking there might be another song coming out sometime. Then just a few shows, I have a few in Melbourne as well as the tour.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be instead?

I’d be a vet. Which I’m trying to study to become. Right now I’m just in the process of the Bachelor’s degree. We’ll see how it goes.

Do you have any tips for people who are trying it to study and release music at the same time?
Cut down on your hours at uni, because it’s not worth it to be so involved in it. You don’t want to ruin your mental health or sanity to try and get good grades.

What’s be the best moment or part of the Aeora project so far?

It’s been pretty cool recording with Guy (of RKDA) and having someone else produce my stuff. Usually it’s just myself and it’s really nerve wracking. I feel a bit conscious of what I sound like. Just working with different people and getting their input and influence, what they like is pretty cool.

Who would your dream collaborators be?

The big people would be Glass Animals, Banks, people like that. Joy would be cool, Banoffee. Right now I bloody love her.

Any Melbourne bands you’ve been getting into recently?

Banoffee’s not a band, but let’s say her. RKDA, who I’m touring with. There are so many, Fortunes and Alice Ivy to name a few.

So on a Friday night, would you rather be in a roomful of fans or a roomful of dogs?

Dogs. 100% dogs. Dogs are so cute all the time. I’d probably bring treats and make them happy.

Best album to walk a dog to?

Celine Dion. I don’t know the album, any music. Probably a best hits, it’s so beautiful. If I imagine them now, walking along the sand in the water and the sun, with Celine Dion music.

Thank you very much Aeora, look forward to seeing you play soon. - Semplesize

"June Mixtape"

It’s not until the final vocal line, just 20 seconds before the end, that we get a feeling Aeora has reared her head from the underground. ‘Afloat’ kicks along at a careful and constructed pace, not quite quick enough for the listener to forget the self-conscious and reflective lyrics, but with enough classic dark electronic pop to create a tension in the mind of the listener. - MAAMF


Amidst a slew of challenges, Melbourne­’s AEORA, wrote single ‘Afloat’ as a reminder of the importance of being happy. The incredibly apt sentiment is mirrored in its accompanying visuals, which we are premiering today!

Directed by Jim Muntisov and filmed by Tom Lewis, the clip utilises quick cuts to support the dynamic production on the track. Whilst it’s narrative focusses on a young dancer, who deals with some figurative (and literal) ghosts along her path.

Beautifully shot and edited, the video mirrors the raw emotion and sleek production that Aeora delivers on ‘Afloat’. As the story rolls on, it’s impossible not to see how perfectly the artist’s commanding vocals sit in sync with the video’s tale. - Purple Sneakers

"Melbourne's Eletro-Pop Artist Aeora Blames It On The 'Medicine'"

With everyone and their extra niece doing throwback/future r&b now, it’s easy to take it for granted. But when it’s done well, it’s a reminder why the form is one we keep going back to again and again. “Medicine,” by Melbourne‐based electro‐pop artist Aeora is a case in point. The song, the first from her forthcoming EP Alt, is a case study in tension between the electronic production, and the earned-emotion of the vocal. “I blame it on the medicine,” she sings. “All the crying, all the lying. Yeah, I blame it on the medicine.”

There are any number of ways you can interpret that metaphor, but most of us have experienced some form of that scapegoating at one point or another. For her part, Aeora, aka Lisa Spencer, says it’s about an actual illness that effected a close friend.

“During this time, all I wanted to do was cry and scream, but I worked through it by writing this song,” Spencer explains. “It was really cool, I got to work with a producer for the first time too, Owen Rabbit, he made it transition from this quite emotional sound to this really powerful song.” - Bullett Magazine

"Electro-Pop Artist, Aeora, Premieres New Single “Medicine”"

Melbourne-based electro-pop artist, Aeora, releases her new single, “Medicine.” The song reflects the frustration and sadness she felt over the illness of someone close to her, and showcases her vocals and mature songwriting. This is the first track from Aeora’s upcoming EP, Alt., slated for release in July 2016. LISTEN TO “MEDICINE” HERE

Now that Aeora’s dark, electro-pop sound has captivated audiences, we can expect a lot more from the Australian artist. Stay tuned as Aeora releases more music this Spring! - Vents Magazine


Aeora is a singer and person who makes beats that lives in Melbourne.

She kinda sounds like Vera Blue and E^st a bit.

Her new single is called Medicine, it’s produced by Owen Rabbit, and it’s a woozy tune about “the frustration and sadness she felt over the illness of someone close to her”. V sad.

She’s got an EP coming out in July which will hopefully be great if this song’s anything to go by. - Project U

"Single of the Day: Aeora “Medicine” (2016)"

Melbourne artist Aeora has changed things up a little recently but what’s remained the same is the intriguing and arresting brand of evocative electronic production she’s fashioning.

In new single “Medicine”, Aeora (formerly Aura) has given us a taste of what’s to come on her forthcoming debut EP, Alt – a rich electro-pop number with R&B tones that nod to the likes of E^ST and Vera Blue. Both artists rank highly with me at the moment and it’s frankly wonderful to see more girls getting behind the delivery of this style of music. It’s bold, crisp and soaked in emotion.

Check it out below – Aeora will be launching “Medicine” at Shebeen on May 28th, when Melbourne label Riot Expert hosts its own launch party of their own. - The AU Review

"The Best Songs Of The Week"

Melbourne artist Aeora has changed her name up and really come into her own with this latest single. Previously going under the moniker “Aura”, Aeora is building on the success of New Thing and Out Loud with Medicine – and she is really bound for big things. Just listen to that voice around the 2 minute mark. The production throughout, expertly laid down and throbbing, is vast and massive as more and more is added to the fray. Produced by Owen Rabbit, this is the first taste from her forthcoming record Alt, out in July via local label Riot Expert Records, and we are expecting one hell of a release for that one! - Howl & Echoes


Melbourne artist and new kid on the block AEORA just dropped her debut single ‘Medicine’ and it’s a shining example of what electro-pop should be.

The name is unfamiliar and perhaps you’ve never seen the face, but for some reason you recognise the voice and the sound. Don’t worry, you’re not insane. Although this is the first song we have heard from Aeora, it is also not. Aeora has released two previous tracks under the name Aura (‘Out Loud’ and ‘New Thing’) but has begun using the name Aeora for the release of her debut EP (oops, spoiler.)

‘Medicine,’ our first taste of Alt, is all haunting space and darkened rooms. It seethes with raw emotion, sharp edges and intensity. Throughout Aeora‘s sense of timing is impeccable, the song rising and falling but never once losing it’s grip on you. It’s a fascinating song and, if we’re any judge (and we are,) we’re going to be hearing a lot more from Aeora.

Aeora’s debut EP, Alt, is due out this July via Riot Expert.

Words by CAILEY MORONEY - Purple Sneakers

"INTERVIEW: Electro-Pop Artist, Aeora"

Hi Lisa, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Heya! Yeah, goooooood thanks! - VENTS MAGAZINE


Aeora (formerly known as Aura) is back with another single to chill you to the bones. Produced by up and comer Owen Rabbit, ‘Medicine’ is a haunting piece of escapism that cuts to your emotions with an uncanny ease.

The lyrical structure has an intriguing oscillation to it, paired perfectly with the progressive builds and harsh interludes in the production. The layering of vocals creates an effect of self-doubt in the story telling, whilst allowing Aeora’s voice to wrap its way around your mind form the get go. The closing verse, presented with a stabbing tone stands out as a strength. Rising above the fading beats Aeora sings in a manner that is deep in anguish, yet there is a tinge of hope waiting to be accepted by the listener.

‘Medicine’ is a thinly veiled story trapped within the track, with emotions spilling out with ease. It reveals the versatility of Aeora’s vocal capacity and natural integration when combined with a more powerful set of productions than we have seen her work with in the past. It is becoming abundantly clear that Aeora is an artist to watch, and we can only hope to hear more from her soon. - Adam Not Eve


New Thing (Single) - 2015
Out Loud (Single) - 2016
Medicine (Single) - 2016
Afloat (Single) - 2016
Alt. (EP) - 2016


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In her exploration of different beats and learning how to manipulate vocal tracks, Melbourne’s Lisa Spencer became Aeora. Drawing together experiences as a teenager, where Spencer focused on country singing techniques, and the admiration of strong female vocalists, Aeora delved deeper into her bedroom production techniques. Producing and mixing debut single ‘New Thing’, which clocked over 14K plays online, and supporting the likes of Confidence Man, GLADES and Godwolf.

After signing a management deal and joining the roster of fresh Melbourne record label Riot Expert Records, Aeora spent time in the studio with bold musician Owen Rabbit in the creation of dark pop single ‘Medicine’, and then with respected Melbourne producer Guy Louis Faletolu to work on the remainder of debut EP Alt. which was released in July of 2016.

With tracks known for their raw emotion and commanding vocals, Aeora has been impressing crowds up and down the east coast of Australia, notably enjoying her first interstate shows alongside electronic labelmates RKDA in August 2016 to celebrate the release of Alt.

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