Aepril Schaile and the Judgement

Aepril Schaile and the Judgement


"...there really is a missing link between Patti Smith and Diamanda Galas and that link is Aepril" Piano based music of dark goddesses, death and resurrection, survivorship and ghosts. Mix of gothic-folk, doom and classical.


AEPRIL SCHAILE is a mournful, prosecuting specter and a living, ravenous mother-wolf hell-bent on delivering new life. Once a skeleton woman in a shack on the outskirts of town, the spirits of Music came to Aepril after shed died and then gasped and jolted back to life, the Dead and the Wild her ardent and adamant muses...
Aepril is spending the curse on the house of Schaile, banishing the demons and placating the gods with the plutonian musicians of THE JUDGEMENT (named so for Trump XX of the tarot: the card of the resurrection of the dead and the salvation of the exiled)....At turns forbidding and vulnerable, venomous and erotic, there is a shamanistic quality, with Aepril as the twice-born haunted medium, conducting a seance for the enraged, unrelenting spirits of the ill-fortuned and forsaken.


The Furies Prayer 2006

You Murder Me 2004 demo