Our music combines elements of metalcore, pop punk, progressive rock, and electronic music into one fluid sound. From powerful screams to melodic vocals over harsh guitars and poppy keyboards, Aergia has solidified an experimental genius.


Through high school, almost every member of Aergia was apart of a melodic punk band called Cure the Corrupt. As our school years came to an end, we lost members and decided to formulate a new sound creating Aergia. We wanted to combine elements from all of our favorite genres of musics as we all have different tastes, and because of it, the unique sound of Aergia was formed. From pop punk choruses to metalcore verses and progressive rock structure, our sound has a unique combination that surprisingly flows well together. Some songs are typical and short while others are long, but because of the structure of our writing style, the longer songs always leave you craving more. Influences from artists including Between the Buried and Me, Ludo, Rise Against, Asking Alexandria, Protest the Hero, Children of Bodom, Mr. Bungle, and various other artists have concocted the dangerously stable solution that is Aergia.


Creating the Core

Written By: Aergia

With amateur dreams of getting to the top
Lacking experience
We formed the core of what we are today
It started out slow with rhythms of our youth
The music was loud
It would drown out our mistakes
We took for granted the criticisms
And thought we had it all figured out

We had some troubles down the road (We can't let this)
With rivals threatening our hope (Bring us down)
To each his own, but we endured (We can't let this)
All of the taunts, don't bring us (Bring us down)

Down the road we've become versed with
How the world may treat us different
Competitions ending darkly
Composing this reality
(Never knowing who we are; and to
Think we had something to bring to the world)
[This time we'll make a change and
Give everything it takes to
Reach the crest of this league and
Have the time of our lives]

Let's get this started
We need to leave our mark
To be remembered
Is all we really want
Put forth the effort
With all our blood and sweat
And we'll remember
For our entire lives

All things that are great must come to an end
This last time, let's go out with a bang
Let's give it everything we've got
Under the spotlight tonight
All things that are great must come to an end
This last time, let's go out with a bang
Let's give it everything we've got
And sieze the night


Lost in the Shadows

Written By: Aergia

Do you remember when we'd walk
Down the streets and just look at the stars?
We were lost in the shadows of the night

What ever happened to those golden days?
It seems like
It was only yesterday we'd set things ablaze
But I guess
The times are changing, nothing ever will last
I just never
Thought that the day's end would approach us so fast
What's up with everything these days?
How have you been, what are you doing,
Is it all still the same?
I feel like it's been years since we've even talked
It's like you don't even exist beyond a mental block

What happened back then?
Was it just jealousy?
Or was it deeper
Like my hypocrisy?

I made the blunder
And let it escalate
Like knives from a serpent's tongue
I slashed with words of hate
I didn't mean to
Let things get out of hand
But there's no return
No hope of reprimand

Remember the times you'd go through extremities just to
Get me to do the things I'd never put myself through?
It's because of you that I am right where I stand today
You've had so much influence on my life so I convey
That this is wrong
And though it's for the better
I feel so lost
I can't let this engulf me

I'm so blinded by this enveloped light
This fire burns inside
To guide my way, but I can't feel it
Oh God, have I lost myself?
Deep in this grim charade
The fire dies
This burns like capsaicin in my eyes
I sigh...

In this cell I sit and
Ponder why I let you go

I've lost all sense of myself now
But it's all right
I cannot dwell anymore
Oh, let's break this childish tension
And make amends
Oh, you must admit that we had some fun
Let's scythe these rough edges
And let the world know that

I lie alone gazing up at the stars
Times changing with every breath
I am lost in the shadows of the night


We have released a demo EP that is self titled which contains three songs: Creating the Core, Lost in the Shadows, and Revolution.
Lost in the Shadows has been put into rotation at local radio station WPRK’s Local Heroes show.