Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Aeriae produces femtoscopic electro-funk, beauty-ridden IDM and weird techno and organ assaults with a dash of White Girl. This is underground electronica of depth and longevity, heedless of musical fads.


Aeriae is Sydney-based electronic composer-producer Wade Clarke. Aeriae's tracks pulse with all the addictive beat microscopy and spliced atomic delights of IDM artists like Autechre, and wed these rhythms to conspicuous tonal beauty. Rich organ lines, crystal-like textures and treated female voices wrap around tracks whose compass equally includes the song-like and the properly experimental. The artist is active in the Sydney music scene and his remixes place unanticipated spins on the work of disparately genred Sydneysiders, both mainstream (Delta Goodrem) and indie (Chaingang). Aeriae began as a studio only project, but Wade spent half of 2008 developing a unique live rig whose design hails from the new-fangled school of Controllerism, and was able to commence live performances in 2009. An Aeriae show avoids typical pitfalls of electronica performance by dispensing with reverence for the material as it exists in recorded form. New material and fragments from the studio are mobilised for improvisation that the audience can see and hear, with the goal of creating a sound event that is immediately arresting and unique.



Written By: Wade Clarke

Granted, granted
Ten - welcome
One hundred, nine, ten... ten
Six, one, eight, ten, granted, ten,


* Upcoming LP is 'Victris'
* Debut LP album 'Hold R1' (2007) includes tracks Clique and Areola (played by Australia's National Youth Radio Broadcaster JJJ), Karpa (JJJ Unearthed Staff Pick) and AMay (daily rotation on Sydney's FBi)
* Aeriae scored Track Of The Day nine times at between 2006-2008
* The animated AMay videoclip has played at the Sydney Biennale 2010 and at film festivals both local (Portable Film Fesstival and Electrofringe) and international (Kinofest, Romania)
* Aeriae has also remixed such artists as Delta Goodrem, Chaingang, Severed Heads and Catcall

Set List

Typical setlist:

1. Lenticular Cup
2. Skirr
3. Pax Are
4. Believe Again Remix
5. AMay