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"Dothan band rocks with the help of a Destin resident"

Dothan band rocks — with the help of a Destin resident
January 12, 2010 1:28 PM
Fraser Sherman
The musicians of Aerias may change, but the vision for their music remains, members of the band say.

“So many things can go wrong, but everyone has to be committed to the success of the group,” drummer Grant Robinson of the Dothan-based rock group told The Log. “Different people bring different influences and ideas. Those ideas mesh into something that no one player could have created alone.


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“When you're part of a real band, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, but these same differences that bring needed creativity almost always bring conflict! We have to be committed to get along with each other and succeed.”

The two-year-old band changed singers and bass guitarists several times before settling on its current lineup, which includes Destin vocalist Blake Cody alongside Alex Glenn on bass guitar, Cole Robison on drums, Blake Johnson on guitar and Grant Robinson on drums.

Aerias released a five-song “extended play” CD this year and is shooting for a full-length album in 2010. The group has performed in Destin at Nightown, at the Swamp on Okaloosa Island, and in Dothan, their home base. And its performance this summer in Atlanta’s Five Spot club aired live on the Web site

“We were happy to share a live performance with our fans who live outside of the Southeastern region where we typically play,” Robison said, “and it was a great opportunity to make some new fans.”

Cody told the Dothan Eagle he started singing with his church at 10, performed in several bands in high school and worked in the music industry in California before heading back home and joining Aerias.

Cody said Robison, Robinson and Johnson had met playing in another band that broke up over creative differences, then got together and formed Aerias.

Robinson said it’s often hard to get the right mix of performers for a band “and hard to keep them once you do ... Fortunately for us, we have found a lot of shared interests and we enjoy hanging out with each other as friends! That's real important in a band!”

Along with its Dirty South broadcast, the band also has a MySpace page, which Johnson said is how their producer, Brett Hestla, became aware of the band: “He liked our music and offered to help us.”

All five band members have day jobs; Robison said their goal is to keep making and playing music as long as they can.

“Music should make people feel something,” Robinson said. “Feel what we were feeling when we wrote a song, or feel what we feel when we're playing it. We want our music and stage performance to draw them into the energy and release that is rock and roll. We want them to leave with a song or two stuck in their head, wanting to hear it again.

“Playing music for people is the best job in the world!” Johnson added.

- The Destin Log

"Aerias (Air e Us) to Record New 3 Track EP with Brett Hestla"

Aerias out of Dothan, Alabama will be heading down to Orlando, Florida for November 28-30 hit the studio Dark New Day vocalist, Brett Hestla. The currently untitled EP has no set release date. The band says the EP will be released when its done.

Hear Aerias talk about their upcoming shows and EP in the Aerias interview with Rebecca Firth on YourFindit.

Comprised of John Swanson (vocals), Cole Robison (guitar, drums, piano), Blake Johnson (guitar, vocals), Alex Glenn (bass) and Grant Robinson (drums, piano, vocals), Aerias is rock and metal, combined with blues, jazz, pop and classical influences. Together since August 2007, the band members have established a close relationship with each other both as musicians and as friends. The members have become so close over the past year that they consider themselves to be almost like a family, using their friendship and devotion to music to pursue a professional career with Aerias.

The name Aerias is derived from a combination of the musical term arias, meaning “an elaborate melody sang by one voice” and Aeries, “a birds nest on a cliff or a mountaintop.” The band felt that the marriage of the two words created a name that was not only fitting and creative, but it was also short, sweet and easy to remember. Since then, a bird has served as the band’s logo.

Aerias will be in Panama City, Florida October 24 for an 8:00 pm show at Latitudes. The band will return to Dothan the following night to perform at Northview High School at the Wiregrass Idol fundraiser. Proceeds from the event will go to Empress Homecare to assist the elderly who are experiencing financial hardships receiving medical care.

Find out how you can talk about your music in a YourFindit audio interview. Contact Rebecca Firth at 404.352.4949 or send her a message through her YourFindit profile at to schedule an interview today!

About the author:
Rebecca Firth is a writer for YouFindit and TransWorldNews. Specializing in music and musician interviews, Rebecca is frequently searching for new and interesting music. Learn more about Rebecca Firth or read more of her stories on Rebecca Firth’s profile on YourFindit. - Atlanta, GA 10/17/2008 04:56 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

"Aerias to be featured on Internet music Channel"

By Peggy Ussery

Published: August 21, 2009

It’s hard to take the guys of Aerias seriously.

Sitting around a table in drummer Grant Robinson’s home in Dothan, the five 20-somethings constantly joke around and rib one another about accents, looks and what they hope for in the future. But as long as people take their music seriously, taking them seriously may not be as important to them at this point in their lives.

“We want to play music that somehow empowers people, something that extracts an emotion,” lead vocalist Blake Cody said.

The rock band could get some serious Internet exposure next week when their performance at the Five Spot nightclub in Atlanta will be aired live on independent music Internet site Dirty South TV.

“We’re looking forward to it; it’s something new,” said bass guitarist Alex Glenn.

With rock and metal influences such as Chevelle, Sevendust, Alter Bridge, Pantera as well as more mainstream groups such as U2 and Queen, the members of Aerias released a five-song EP in January and hope to have a full-length album in 2010, working with producer Brett Hestla in Orlando, Fla. Hestla, originally from Alabama, was the touring bassist for Creed and was in the band Virgos Merlot.

Aerias — pronounced air-e-us — first came together about two years ago. The name is a combination of “arias,” which is an expressive song performed by a soloist, and “aeries,” a bird’s nest on a cliff. The band has already seen changes in lead singers and bass guitarists and has existed in its current makeup for six months with Cody on vocals, Glenn on bass guitar, Robinson on drums, Blake Johnson on guitar and Cole Robison on guitar. They do some covers of songs but lately have focused more on developing their own music, collaborating on lyrics and music.

“It’s good to get out there and do something you wrote,” Glenn said.

The group has traveled to Nashville, Tenn., Jacksonville, Fla., Atlanta and Destin, Fla., for shows. The Aug. 26 podcast will be their first performance at the Five Spot. They will perform locally on Sept. 6 at Cowboy’s in Dothan for the club’s rock music night and will open for Chevelle on Oct. 2 at The Swamp in Fort Walton Beach, Fla.

The guys get together for rehearsals at the Dothan home of Carol Robinson, Grant’s mother and the band’s business manager. When they’re not rehearsing or on the road, they each manage time for jobs and lives. Four of the members live in the Dothan area while vocalist Cody lives in Destin.

The musicians said they hope to see more independent bands come out of the local area.

“We hope Dothan will support more original music,” Cody said.

Want to watch?
What: See local band Aerias live at the Five Spot in Atlanta on Internet site Dirty South TV
When: Wednesday, Aug. 26; podcast starts at 7 p.m. CST; Aerias expected to play at 8:30 p.m. CST.
How: Visit to register for a free membership in order to view the show
More info:

- Dothan Eagle

"Aerias Live Podcast August 26, 2009"

Aerias will take the stage live at the Five Spot in Atlanta, GA and be podcast for anyone to tune. This is an exciting event and is giving Aerias a chance to bring their fans into the realm of their world. - Your Find It


On September 18, 2008 the band's perseverance paid off with an invitation to record at the studios of Brett Hestla Productions (Creed, Framing Hanley, Dark New Day, Tantric). The band recorded their EP in November, 2008, and the EP was self - released on myspace July 31, 2009.

"Out of a small town comes a big sound bridging the gap between technical prowess and just plain cool. Aerias delivers songs with a streamline, high energy style that is sure to satisfy all your rock and roll desires." (Brett Hestla, 2009)

In February of 2010 the group finished their full length album with Brett Hestla. After working for almost 3 years on writing and performing the band feels this album will inspire the masses with both a harder side and a softer edge of Aerias being showcased.

In May of 2010, Aerias toured through 7 states from the East Coast to the Midwest as support for We Are The Fallen.

All tracks Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Brett Hestla (2010).



Aerias - Pronounced "Air e us." The name is combined from two words: Arias, an elaborate melody sung by one voice, and Aeries, a bird nest on a cliff or mountaintop. The band liked these two ideas and put them together, adopting the bird as their logo.

Guitarist, Blake Johnson, Guitarist Cole Robison and Drummer, Grant Robinson began playing together in late 2006 and decided to form Aerias to explore new musical directions. They formed Aerias in Dothan, Alabama in August 2007, eventually adding Frontman, Blake Cody and Bassist Derek Johnson. They set out to craft their own songs combining elements of metal, rock, pop, and even jazz! Three lead singers and six bass players later they have found the perfect fit in 5 friends who share a passion for music and enjoy hanging out together.

To date, they have written and rehearsed 21 original tracks with 12 recorded in the studio. Between wrenching riffs and airy arpeggios their songs describe intense feelings about love, conflict, and addiction. Lead singer Blake Cody's style ranges from a whisper to a rocking rasp. Meanwhile all band members contribute vocals. Grant's synth intros and fills help to bring the band's studio sound to the stage. Yet despite their affinity for technical flair they enjoy just as much harmonizing around acoustic guitars to touch an audience with a heartfelt ballad. So, while Derek, Blake, Cole, Grant and Cody love to play all kinds of music, Aerias is all about how a song touches the audience.