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Aeroforce is a blues based classic rock band dedicated to the music of Aerosmith. They have been together since 1991 and have toured all over North America.


The AEROFORCE history dates back to March of 1991. “Tyler” Bob Gregory and Paul G. Kramer brought together an Aerosmith tribute band for true Aerosmith fans. The AEROFORCE mission has always been to faithfully reproduce the spirit of Aerosmith in look, sound and atmosphere. To do what Aerosmith would do. With lavish costumes and colorful lighting, Aeroforce will provide an entertaining and fun filled evening for Aerosmith fans of every age as it has for over 16 years.

AEROFORCE have toured across Canada and the United States many times and have amassed a number of career highlights. There have been many outdoor festivals and shows with the likes of Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe), Kim Mitchell, April Wine, David Wilcox, Blue Rodeo and Colin James. Also, there have been several tours of Eastern and Western Canada, as well as State tours of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and Georgia.

There have been a number of Aerosmith CD release parties over the years as well. Most recently for the 'Devil’s Got A New Disguise’ CD, where Aerosmith’s own record company hired the band. On their behalf, the band has given away hundreds of Aerosmith CDs, tour shirts, videos and even a few Gibson Les Paul guitars (autographed by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry). The band has also played many Aerosmith after show parties, with all kinds of special guests that will never be forgotten by the people who were lucky enough to get in to see them.

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Andy Lapointe
The Booking House

Set List

Eat The Rich
Big Ten Inch
Toys In The Attic
Last Child
Draw The Line
Same Old Song & Dance
The Other Side
Dream On
One Way Street
Walk This Way
Rag Doll
Back In The Saddle
Living On The Edge
Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
Lord Of The Thighs
Janie's Got A Gun
Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
Mama Kin
Love In An Elevator
Sweet Emotion
Train Kept A Rollin'
What It Takes