Our music is fresh and unique. It is categorized as Alternative Rock/Pop it's romantic, uplifting, liberating and energetic. It is appropriate for and appreciated by people of all ages.


Our band consists of childhood friends and family who know each other really well and their talents compliment one another. This makes creating quality music easy. We have spent quite a few years developing and coming up with our own sound and we feel it is different from anything out there today. It is clean and wholesome and reminscent of music from the 1950's and 60's when music was appropriate for all ages. We take our music seriously and operate the band as a business. we have a reputation for being reliable, looking good and sounding good. We have been influenced by artists such as john Mayer, Cold Play, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Third Eye Blind and even Johnny Cash!


Demo: Falling Away, 2008
Live From the Knitting Factory, 2008

Set List

Our standard set, lasts 35-40 minutes: Sacrifice, Red Black or White, Goodbye, Rise Above, Runaway, Falling Away & On the Inside We also have a cover list of 30 songs including Yellow (Coldplay), Jumper (Third Eye Blind), I'm Just a Girl (No Doubt) and Beautiful Day (U2). We play private functions for 2-3 hours.