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Artistic Expression

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What happens when A Tribe Called Quest meets a more radio friendly version of Little Brother?


Artistic Expression is an innovative Hip Hop group comprised of three members; ill Plus, Radio Raid, and Abe Thelonius. A Los Angeles based group, AE speaks on reality over jazzy-soulful beats produced by MC/Producer Radio Raid. Encompassing clever word schemes and wondrous production AE is bound to leave an indelible mark in the Hip Hop scene. Artistic Expression is a fresh breath of air for Hip Hop. A Brand new sound with fresh clever rhymes and metaphors for the world to listen. Collectively, AE brings a momentous sound, lyrically sharing their perspective and skill. Well developed and nurtured, AE was born in the Spring of 2004 due to an urgency to make thought provoking good music. AE has quickly become one of the most sought out Rap groups. AE is simply the next biggest thing to come out of L.A.- if you have any doubts, just listen. Influences include but are not limited to (ha! you like that huh); De La Soul, Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan, J Dilla, Slum Village, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Rapheal Saadiq, Outkast, Bob Dylan, (didn't see that coming) Nina Simone, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Common, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Little Brother, Malcolm X and Gil Scott Heron.


Deep Inside

Written By: Radio Raid/ Abe Thelonius/ ill plus

Radio Raid

First day my momma gave, birth to me drama came/ hurtin me, I became worthy whether or not I be james/ like sponges I retain, most of my memory framed, deep in my heart where we keep love joy and most our pain/ witness the thickness the envy towards my own brother/ love for my father expressed in different fashions towards my mother/ his passion to intense, heart was to dense/ couldn't get past the gates of heaven hope he made it to the fence/ since then, my every sentence record while I vent, it's like this pad and pen and music heaven sent/ like God pulled a couple strings, and loosened up the seams, showed the world he got style made man from a couple genes(jeans)/ from, skateboard dreams to NBA teams, to picking up a mic like hitchhikers on a turn pike, my goal never reached but still i fight, like blind soccer players my goal never in sight

Abe Thelonius
No matter what would happen I kept this passion in rappin, went from unwrapping plastic wrappings to packaging classics/ took a break on life relationships and all that madness to focus on the page and write images on the canvas/ lookin at a silouette, haven't found the colors to describe my feelings yet/ searching in the cover art, I came across another thought that kinda had me wondering/ how speaking my mind can reach the lines and turn into something/ more beatiful as it would grow, all of a sudden, this beatiful soul you thought you know became more sullen/ the path has been paved, straight and narrow in a maze, mask for the masquerade open casket in a grave

ill plus
they started up the session as he stretched about the couch, he said inhale a deep breathe and then let your feelings out/ but he couldn't just release, though he wanted inner peace, he said I'm pleading with you just turn me over to the beast/ my deepest thoughts drive me crazy, it gets worse when I sleep, I'm obsessed with raising heart rates and stopping heart beats/ I've thought about killing these lights and killing you twice, that's what satisfies my sanity, I know it ain't right/ I know I seem normal, so polite and mild mannered, but when those voices serenade I'm as deadly as lung cancer/ I came looking for an anwser, well he said I'm here to help, he got up and retrieved a brief case off the shelf/ he cracked a wide smile as he took a look inside, the voices conjugated and then were able to decide/ a man sits alone, convinced by his isolation and finds a perfect ending to a deadly situation...

Breathe Again

Written By: Abe Thelonius/ Radio Raid/ ill plus

It was a wednesday, met her at a lounge at Burger King, a real fly biddie real pretty wearing quarter jeans/ 25% pants, 75%...became her number 1 fan had me all up in the stands rooting for a chance for us to score, feeling like a winner, never did this before but what you doing for dinner/ pardon the cliche' I know we at BK, ya styles amazing almost forgot to pick up my tray/I, got it to go, but for you I'll stay, won't take no for an anwser by the way what's ya name?/ she didn't say a thing like she didn't wanna speak, then her face lit up, my name is Karen with a C/ I told her I'm a rapper, not your average MC, she said she'd take a listen so I gave her a cd/ we performing live if you like it you should go, she probly didn't have a ride cause nope she didn't show

can't wear my feelings on my sleeve, no lumps in my throat over you not bout to grieve/ you sufficating me, so I had to let you leave, break this hold you got on me, gotta go and get free so I can (breathe again)
can't wear my feelings on my sleeve, no lumps in my throat over you not bout to grieve you sufficating me so I had to let you leave break this hold you got on me, (got on you?) got on me

Now when we started we was so cold, now its getting so old, the only time we ever apart is in this chokehold/ this vocal, expression of a better man confessing, I was wrong when you was right, when I was right then you were so so/ (what she leaving for) cause now she wanting more, busting out my windows only keys open doors, now she's open for, diamonds, on her wrist and on her neck you know she's hoping for, naw but that only leads to divorce of course, cause I was only 18 years old/ my pops died she graduated, a lot was on my mind like, (we glad you made it this far), only to settle down like colonists, land is the opposite sex, so I got my mind on migrating west/ this nomad, sorry that things had to go bad, but to you I wish you my best, no other


my sex ed course, student body to explore/ prereq for happy endings, extra credit when I want more/ the perfect upper classmen so my semester lovely, on top of more than age you can say I understudied/ but my study buddy had eyes for anothers paper, so then I dropped the course and decided to change majors/ expel you out my life, no longer the prototype, had chemistry together now the formula ain't right/ erase your phone number, you do all the drunk dialing, once my theme song can't get a spot on my album/ I can't lie though, still think about your rhythm but that part of life's soundtrack won't have no remixes/ damn saying too much, ain't trying to give you fame, so your name I won't release like that song old flame/ plus I rose' up out the ashes, no scrapes scars or scratches, now you missing me like Iverson did philly practice



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streaming audio available on: plus

Set List

All Original Music
Typical sets are between 20-25 minutes
1. Can't Get Next To Us
2. Deep Inside
3. Breathe Again
4. Let You Down
5. My World

We are able to put on a set up to 45 minutes in time permits.