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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album Review: Guardian - Aetherborn"

So I recently found an up and coming band by the name of Aetherborn.

They have put out one E.P. to date, and it goes by the title of Guardian. I am about to review it.

Ascension: A hauntingly beautiful instrumental track that introduces the album, almost putting it on a majestic pedestal as it transitions flawlessly into the next track.

Re-pulse: This is by far my favorite track on this album. It sounds like something that would fit almost perfectly into a megaman soundtrack. The guitar riffs, coupled with the vocals that are similar to something from an Evanescence song, though distinct enough to stand out by them self. The amazing guitar solo at the end, making it feel like an epic battle is taking place. A wonderful song, made even better when listened to alongside ascension.

Guardian: This is probably the most famous song on the album and it is the titular track, although it is also the one that sounds the most "mainstream" though it's dark lyrics set it apart from similar songs. The vocals really shine on this one, and the instruments are on par. Also towards the end, the addition of the male vocals adds an interesting harmony.

Darkness Falls: This one sounds has a very dark feel to it, and it really showcases the drums and bass. Also the male vocals add depth to it. All I have to say is this would make an awesome song to spar/train to.

Rulers of All: This sounds like a battle theme from final fantasy game at first, which by the way is awesome. Once the vocals kick in, it makes me question why this isn't a opening song to some amazing new anime. all the instruments and the vocals kick it into high gear for a finale that was worth the wait. Also the piano towards the end, and the guitar solo. THIS IS WHAT A LAST STAND/FINAL EPIC BATTLE THEME SONG SHOULD SOUND LIKE!!!

OVerall: I kinda wish, this was the soundtrack to an awesome videogame or something, because it is a great album. And in the days of commercial music, this is truly a diamond in the sand. Obviously, there are things that could be improved on, but for a freshman effort this is truly amazing. I look forward to hearing more songs from them soon. 4/5


Note: A score of 5/5 does not indicate that the album/EP is perfect. It just means that it's really really good, and one of the best that I have heard. - Yokai Shinigami

"Aetherborn – "Guardian" [EP]"

Rating: 9 / 10
As i gaze into my crystal ball I foresee a day when metalheads and pop/rock fans come together, at times rocking out to similar bands. Incidentally, Aetherborn’s EP Guardian offers us a glimpse into said musical future. Residing in Hamilton, ON these five musicians are a testament to idea of two differing fan bases coming together.

Aetherborn has successfully mixed two great genres into one unique sound. The instrumentals are in the vein of heavy metal, with heavy riffs and intense solos, yet are all backed (or fronted) by a beautiful, poppy style of melodic singing. The mix is so cool and makes me think of Iced Earth being fronted by Hayley Williams. I know I’ll never see that combo, but that’s ok, I’ll always have Aetherborn.

Guardian is a short, but professional sounding EP brought to us by a few low key musicians from Hamilton. I was impressed with the release from start to finish and am surprised that Aetherborn is an independent band. If any labels are looking for a big sounding band, this is the act to watch. Fans of Paramore, Iced Earth, Epica or New Years Day will enjoy Guardian. [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Ascension
02. Re-pulse
03. Guardian
04. Darkness Falls
05. Rulers Of All

Run Time: 19:45
Release Date: 08.23.2010 - Pure Grain Audio


'Guardian' - August 23rd, 2010, Independant.



Aetherborn is a female-fronted rock/metal band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Threat signal, The Arkells, Forgotten rebels, Sven Gali, The Reason, Teenage Head). They formed in late 2009, and began recording their debut EP “Guardian” in February. The EP was released August 23rd, 2010. The band sold over 500 songs on iTunes in the first six weeks of the EP’s release.

Aetherborn’s music sounds like a heavy metal Paramore with influences of progressive and tech metal riffs, mixed with shredding guitar solos, big drums, and punchy bass. While most female fronted bands today are either pop punk or alternative rock, Aetherborn treads new ground with its heavier sound and emphasis on instrumentals. They bridge a gap between pop oriented female fronted bands and heavier technical metal, and make both genres more accessible to both groups of listeners.

Because of their wide appeal, Aetherborn fits well on a variety of bills, and compliments the sound of both poppier rock groups as well as heavy metal or hardcore bands.

Aetherborn is very quickly building momentum locally and online.

In just 4 short months, they have shot to the #1 spot for Hamilton across all genres and #1 in Canada in the metal genre on popular hosting site Reverbnation. They have had over 89,000 plays on the service. On micro blogging site Tumblr, Aetherborn’s blog has been followed by over 45,000 people and their page has logged over 177,000 views. They have received over 5,000 supportive messages from fans. Over 3,000 Facebook likes. On average, they get 500 plays a day. Their mailing list has over 1,000 people, and they have garnered over 1,100 followers on Twitter.

Locally, they have nothing but success in their current string of gigs. They have won $500 at a battle of the bands, played a sold out show, and most recently won a contest in which they were hand picked by Coheed and Cambria to open for them at their Hamilton show on the latest tour. The show packed 1000 people and was a huge triumph for the band.