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The Accident Experiment

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



“Eclectic and musically adventurous. Rib-sticking riffs and head-bobbing choruses.”
-MTV News

“A melding of Led Zeppelin’s strutting pomp and majesty, more contemporary songwriting instincts a la Stone Temple Pilots, muscular rhythms, and Stewart’s macho post-Eddie Vedder vocals.”
-Metal Edge

“This is by and large an open and flowing rock band. Stewart's voice soars with emotion and clarity, and Curiel's unhurried, graceful solos meld much better then they ever could with P.O.D.”

“Damn good. Epic structures and multi-textured rhythms."
-Guitar World - None


Arena - self-released EP
Mind Death Machine - maxi single
United We Fear - (unreleased LP)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing just 15 minutes north from three-quarters of the band’s ancestral origin of Mexico, The Accident Experiment--comprised of former P.O.D. guitarist/songwriter Marcos Curiel, ex-Sprung Monkey rhythm section veterans Ernie Longoria and Tony DeLocht and Seattle-native/former Grammatrain vocalist Pete Stewart--are busy proving that they’re more than your average hard rock radio band.

Since the birth of The Accident Experiment (dubbed by its fans as “AeX”) in late 2002, the band has evolved from what began as jam sessions between San Diego musical peers Curiel and Longoria into a solid, buzzworthy Southern California rock act with tours and opening slots along side the likes of Foo Fighters, Korn, Damage Plan, Drowning Pool, Sevendust, Cypress Hill, Staind, Blur and Body Count in its relatively short history. In its 20th anniversary issue, Metal Edge Magazine named AeX one of its Twenty Bands To Watch in 2005, and MTV News has featured the group on two separate occasions, describing them as “eclectic and musically adventurous.” The boys have already earned a reputation as a stellar and explosive live band, borrowing a page from some of their 70’s rock heroes to produce a live show that is as experimental as it is ferocious.

With elements reminiscent of the dark beauty of Black Sabbath, the epic complexity of Rush, the artistic muscle of early Soundgarden and the flamboyant-yet-aggressive experimentation of Led Zeppelin, The Accident Experiment sounds more like a natural progression of such legendary hard rock than most of today’s overhyped and generic formula music. More musically adventurous than any of its members’ former projects, AeX shifts between complex and hauntingly simple riffs, combining heavy progressive mystique with classic rock attitude and melody. With an independently released EP under their belt (producing rotation in radio markets such as San Diego, Seattle, Orlando and on XM Satellite Radio) and a forthcoming full-length album entitled United We Fear currently in the mixing stage, the band has already recorded enough material to prove its prolificacy and hint at their potential for timelessness.

The substantial pedigree brought to AeX by its members’ past projects is evident in the quality and seasoned skills heard in the band’s music. But, the members’ history is more of a launchpad than a crutch.

“We’re all proud of what we’ve done in the past,” states Curiel, who also serves as producer on the band’s two albums. “I had some great times in P.O.D., and we put out some solid music that alot of people dug. But in this band, everyone decided we wanted to throw out most of the rules that we had in our old bands and play how we’ve always wanted to play. I think you can hear the feeling of freedom in what we do, at our shows and on our recordings.”

Disillusioned pastor’s kids have been an ingredient in more than one hard rock band’s recipe for creation. Not surprisingly, Stewart’s poetic, poignant lyrics set to both emotive and hooky melodies touch on such issues as non-conformity, shattered illusions, and elements of control and abuse in religion and in relationships. Songs like “Mind Death Machine” and “Holy Magic Man” speak of breaking through the confines of sociological cells while “Lost Kisses” and “Sick Love Letter” evokes the tension and release of love. The combination of Stewart’s dark and piercing vocals and Curiel’s monster guitar riffs and Edge-meets-Page solos come to life perfectly atop DeLocht’s larger-than-life bass work and the flash and finesse of Longoria’s often complicated, always solid drum skills.

Extensive musical interludes, hypnotic grooves and captivating hooks make AeX a diverse band with both accessibility and depth. With a significant amount of touring, recording and preliminary press, The Accident Experiment is gaining momentum and devoted fans both in their Southern California home base and around the country.

“This is no fly-by-night project,” says Stewart. “We’re a band that’s here to stay.”