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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Alice Middlesbrough live gig"

A three piece from the heart of Middlesbrough, A Fable for the Curious were the icing on the cake for one of the best nights we have seen at The Alice. Without doubt one of the finest of the Nu Metal bands in the local area if not the North East. Just back from an outing to The Cavern (Yes THE Cavern) in Liverpool AFFTC treat The Alice to a fantastic extended set of powerful, original material that had the venue rocking. An extremely entertaining act, these guys know what they are doing and love what they do. Professionals to the core, they played through an over enthusiastic stage invader commandeering the mic. Funny the first time it happened after another couple of attempts we needed to remove her however, this did not detract in any way from the performance we received from A Fable. In fact it endeared them to us more with the way in which they handled the incident. Over the last few months they have played many high profile gigs and look set to be one of the rising stars of 2009. Very enjoyable, very entertaining and well worth seeing live. They put everything they have into their act and leave you wanting more. You can find out more about A Fable for the Curious by visiting their MySpace page. We are looking forward to their next appearance at The Alice and have booked them to guest at our all day charity gig at The Empire on March 29th.
- North east live

"Ten feet tall review"

A Fable For The Curious, with their own unbelievable mix of crushing licks and fists in the air vocals are surely destined for stadiums. Imagine the immense power of Drowning Pool with the accessible rock sensibilities of Foo Fighters. Awooga! - Ten feet tall

"Seen darlington gig"

"one of the best bands I have heard in a very long time, It was very refreshing and I was very impressed indeed" - Flat hill promotions

"Mtv review"

"Technique and fluency combined with raw energy and passion makes this line up, the most inspiring creative force Ive seen this year" - Lindsey [assistant producer/sky]


A Slow Demise EP 2008
A Slow Demise - Track played on local radio
Born Again - Track Played on local radio
A slow demise, and the time i spend with you - regular at clubs around luton area



After a few years of line up changes during the creation of our sound and style, the current line up was decided around end of 2007, as a 3 piece Fable set out to create original powerful music combined with lyrics of meaning and depth. Everyone in the band adds to mix and creations in the studio. We write together, drink together and hang out together in and outside the band.

With the age of most of us in the band, mixed with so many years of playing writing and listening generate a huge list of bands that can be placed into the area of influence, but here's a few:
KOL, Cash, Machine head, Slipknot, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Nirvana, Drowning pool, Foo fighters to name a few.

Unlike a lot of bands these days we don’t follow any rules in writing just whatever comes out is what you hear. We don’t care if it’s really heavy or really soft.
A Fable For The Curious states what we are all about.
It's a look at the affects people have on each other and their beliefs all across the world.
We see religion for example as a fable for the curious i.e. people who need to know what’s next after their lives are done. A belief which is important as you never know what’s round the corner so live for the now and embrace what you have.

We think Rock/Metal/Alternative whatever you call it, is all about being who you want to be and not to follow the sheep and we never want to be a success on the back of another bands scene.
We will always write and enjoy playing no matter what. Respect is success, and we have gained plenty of that from all the great fans and other bands who come to see us or play along side us.

The last 2 yrs of fable life has been very busy seeing us being asked to play The Cavern in Liverpool to a packed house with buses of people following.
Winning a Battle of the Bands competition, going up against 40 - 50 of the UK's finest bands and being hailed as the next big thing in the North East of England.

Word of mouth is all we've used so far to promote but playing local venues has been a crush with fans, people queuing up stairs to hear us.
Bigger venues linger in the near future after big time promoters are taking notice and coming forward with nice offers of which some we've had to turn down due to demands and dates filling up. A UK tour and European Tour is on the cards over coming year with ideas flooding from fable camp.

"An inspiration to all bands out there. To cross these lyrics that are from the heart, with the music from the soul , is a talent worth talking about" Lauren Carlisle ( A local Fan) :)