A Fallen October

A Fallen October


A Fallen October is one of the fastest rising emo/punk bands in the central valley. From their early ties in the local scene to their new full-length album this band is quickly winning the hearts of listeners.


Starting with the lyrics and ending with some of the most solid guitar playing around the sound of A Fallen October generates thoughts of love lost and broken hearts. Ryan who joined the band about a year ago comes from the Anti-Domestix, a band signed to Cheetah Records, who also played many shows with such great bands as AFI and Disel Boy. Shelby, Cam and Steve are long time friends who have always been a part of the local music scene. A Fallen October is one of the bands chosen to compete for a shot at Cabo Wabo this year. A Fallen October listens to: The Juliana Theory, The Get Up Kids, Story of the Year, A.F.I., Dashboard Confessional, Thursday, Thrice, Coheed and Cambria, Early November, The Beautiful Mistake, Matchbook Romance, The Smiths, Brand New, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, From Autumn to Ashes, Rufio.


14th and Ocean

Written By: A Fallen October

here we stand on the the corner of..14th and ocean
whoever said 13 was bad luck..i think 14 was
whoever said 13 was bad luck did not know me
throwing you into the sea..watching the waves take you away, take you away from me
14 was the day you left us..14 months since i talked to you..i never had the chance to tell you all the things you need to hear..why did you leave.. oh the year..


Like Angels E.P.
You can check out six of our songs at www.soundclick.com/afallenoctober

Set List

1. 14th and Ocean
2. And on my Grave
3. Obvious Lie
4. 5th of August
5. Inject your God
6. Help You down
7. Broke Like a Feather
8. Like Angels