a faulty chromosome

a faulty chromosome

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A mess of spazzy tremolo, paddy-cake hand-claps, water-damaged cassette tapes, mashed casio chords, collapsing guitars, fuzzy 8-bit bleeps and drum machine'd beats wrapped up in a warm childhood memory of hiding under your grandma's kitchen table watching Mr. Rogers. Lo-fi jangle-slop loser-pop!


A faulty chromosome is a slopbucket of sing-sung-alongable-songs full of spazzy tremolo, sock-hop hand-claps, water-damaged cassette tapes, mashed casio chords, collapsing guitars, fuzzy 8-bit bleeps and drum machine'd beats all bundled up in a warmish childhood memory of hiding underneath your grandma's kitchen table watching an episode of Mister Rogers on an old discolored television with her overweight cocker spaniel (what was his name? Keebo? Keeno?).

People have called it "loser-pop," "hip-plop," "jangle-slop," "lo-fi-college-rock," and "shoegaze-bop." They've also been described like "the Velvet Underground if they grew up in the 90's listening to K records," and "Dinosaur Jr. or the Replacements if you played it through your older brother's amp so it would sound more f*cked up." Just don't call them quirky (what does that even mean?).

They have snuck their way onto bills with acts like: Dan Deacon, Atlas Sound, The Radio Dept, the Vivian Girls, HEALTH, Ariel Pink, Half Japanese, BlackMothSuperRainbow, and other such-sounding indie heartthrobs (though they'd like to make a point to say that these names are included in this bio merely as a frame of reference, and the reader should not be impressed because none of the bands watched A Faulty Chromosome play), and have also been subjected to the festival messes of CMJ and SXSW.

Their first album, "as an ex-anorexic's six sicks exit" was a cult favorite of many bloggers last year, and exhaustive touring, as well as great support from friends on myspace, college radio and the BBC helped broaden their exposure.

The new album, "craving to be coddled so we feel fake-safe," is a swirling journey through a blur of childhood lies in order to uproot and dissect all the fear that currently consumes us all, and manages to be simultaneously thought-provoking, affecting, and witty at every turn. And thanks to the kindness of their fans and successful pledge drive at kickstarter.com, the album will be available in glorious colored vinyl in January 2010.



Written By: a faulty chromosome

(intro... 4 deeeeeep breaths)
plum aplomb, here i come! treading steady, right on track
but gosh, I'm gauche! and such reproach asks for an acrobatic act to
block the boos, flout the fears and ignore all the itches
but, wait, no, don't look down! Don't look down! Don't look down! No, don't look, noooo!
in the nose, out the mouth mostly muffles all the screams.
-piece of cake, baby steps. home is closer than it seems.
see there is law, chaos, and -- nestled right in between the two extremes --
a perfect mean (but where is it? there? is it there?)
I''ve got this scientific hypothesis that proves an ataraxic path -- in fact -- can really exist
and -- though i dabble as an amateur funambulist --it sure rattles me, this prosody of "Plummet! Plummet! Plummet! Plummet! but still....
i do the tight rope on a slippery slope and hope those tripping tippy-toes can handle it.

quizzes, quarks, question marks, they're all lunging from my lips
why's and hows, qualms and doubts, it's a pretty gritty list
still a persist though pundits get miffed at my gift of gab
i'll gulp their gags and grasp their ax and hey, relax relax relax and..
grab a seat, take a nap, oh, your legs must be so tired
here's a drink. ice is nice, i can see that you've perspired
now have a hit 'n hit the brakes, but then i say something
spurning persiflage, suppressing shrieking "HELP ME! HELP ME! HEEEELP!"

are we all about ousting out original thought?
combining quotes and catch phrases with commercials we saw?
well, I'm grabbing up the gauntlet as the going gets gruff, bucking
bromide bumbles blathering glossolalia like blah blah blah blah and...
i do the tight rope on a slippery slope and hope those tripping tippy-toes can handle it.

can't retire when the heights seem dire,
i'll be spry above the mire
just a man on wire.
hobbling wobbily throughcircuitous routes,
with roof-to-roof proof,
'n yeayea u should see the view!
so.spare me unnecessary safety nets,
see, it's fruitless to fret.
Betcha I'll reach the end!
but quit cannonballing all of your fears at me
just please watch and see, i will secede with the trees
though I still have to tell myself all the time
"you're okay. You're alright." Yeah, I'm okay. I'm alright.
i do the tight rope on a slippery slope and hope our tripping tippy-toes can handle it.

groaning like a grown-up

Written By: a faulty chromosome

You were making zombie faces off o-pee-kuh lake
adorned with muck and muddy water
I had smeared on your arms and face (for goodness sake!)
your mother's opprobrious glare screamed "STOP right now, or people will stare!" then -- unbeknownst to you, it zoomed in: BOOM! gloom & doom! discomfitted, and perpetually scared.

chronobiology couldn't explain, but the cadence of cicadas caused a phasing of circadian waves
and you wondered if you could ever goof around again or if you're gonna hafta behave
from now on, respectable citizen upright brave-face'd on parade
so we took your toy trowel to go ditch-digging didn't know she dumped you in it like a grave
now you're high-stepping over sprinkler streams
deeming it too immature to take a leap in the leaves and
won't deign to dirty jobs with rolled-up sleeves, shun the shimmy-up-the-shingle fun of dangling from the eaves,u like to deceive your health of self-esteem, seen you dive from cameras like they were a swarm of bees, oh
seems only shoveling you sertraline can make you unabashadly scream cheese (*CHEEEESE!)

kay maganda! maaga pa! sige na! gawin mo na! tara! bahala na! puso ng pusa!

Do you remember what we promised under Paul's back deck?
how -- if we saw each other sunk to ignominious depths
and could not spazz out just like mongoloids without regret --
then we'd officially amounted out to abject wrecks
and any artificial antidote that made us undress
out of the costumes we'd been wearing (that are soaking with sweat)
would then be met with consequences of a bloody death
and there'd be no chance of repreival for the stink of our breath?
Well,i think we overlooked something quite important then
about the purpose of a person that you call your friend
and -- although we get so frustrated that we can't make amends
no one's incorrigible I just need a cordial way to tell you..
back when we made zombie faces off o-pee-kuh lake
we both were so mad at your mother and that was our mistake 'cause
what we did not know was years ago the undead already ate her brain!
and now you're groaning like a grown up!


"as an ex-anorexic's six sicks exit,..."

"our druthers is to be smothered under 120-thread-ct. covers."

"craving to be coddled so we feel fake-safe, ..."

Set List

no typical set. we cater to the atmosphere. we like to change lyrics and sing about the audience to make them feel both included and slightly uncomfortable.