A Faylene Sky

A Faylene Sky


A dynamic quintet as intent about evolving their unique style of Punk/Metal as they are about their goals of a long-standing career in the music business. Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on listeners and viewers of their live show alike.


A Faylene Sky is a fast growing act emanating from Providence, RI, melding the best aspects of punk and metal into a unique hybrid, that demands it's attention from fans and fairweathered listeners alike. Iinfluenced by such acts as A Day To Remember, As I Lay Dying, Protest The Hero, and Avenged Sevenfold. They strive to break from the monotony of the easily forgotten hardcore acts and quickly dismissed pop-punk bands taking their best highlights and bringing them to the next level. After the July release "The Hero Vs. Us " EP A Faylene Sky shows a strong sign of things to come and showing no fear amongst critics completing a well received cover of Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl". Following with a strong show schedule and an interwoven writing process, A Faylene Sky plans on releasing their full length album in 2009.


They Called Her A Curse Demo and The Hero Vs. Us EP.
1. Forrest Ran His Ass Off
2. Legacy of Ashes
3. It's Too Early In The Day For Killing Princes
4. This Escape
cover song: I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry)

Set List

Set list compromised of new EP...
1. Legacy of Ashes
2. It's Too Early In The Day For Killing Princes
3. I Kissed a Girl
4. This Escape
5. Forrest Ran His Ass Off

Approximate set time 25-30 minutes.