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This band has not uploaded any videos



"taped straight onto a sick child's whisper"

Affair d'Coeur – 'Heart on Demand': Brooklyn's Affair d'Coeur are as twee as coming second place in a cake baking competition and winning a hat. Bordering on a neutral milk hotel cover band, they come across as a travelling church band, raising money to fix the leaky roof. They are due to play NYC's pop festival and no one has really heard of them outside that city yet, but hopefully this mixtape will change that for them. They need to learn to record their songs at a higher volume though. Was it taped straight onto a sick child's whisper? Crank it up kids. - Audio Junkies

"noisy as hell pop songs"

First out of the alphabet door are (how appropriate) NYC's own Affair d'Coeur. They play noisy as hell pop songs with lots of feedback that sound kinda like the jangle of The Flatmates meets the blatant noise of early Jesus and Mary Chain. - SKATTERBRAIN




We are a no-nonsense kind of band that wants to play punk-pop songs. we love bands like the ramones, the replacements, television personalities, the soup dragons, the flatmates, the buzzcocks, etc. in florida, back in 2001, jeremy umali started writing and recording songs on his 4 track recorder occasionally playing shows with help of his friends. it wasnt until 2005 when he moved to brooklyn he started playing regular shows. in 2007, after a brief hiatus, affair d'coeur reemerged with a new line up of friends and more energy than ever. their main goal - make music and have fun doing it.