Affair State

Affair State


Our music can be very diverse due to most of us having different tastes in music. But we as we grow older, we are starting to develop a mix of all our music tastes and make them level out with eachother, which we can show the rest of the world with.


With myself, i have many different tastes in music, my biggest influence at this moment would be kings of leon, mostly their old school music. I also listen to most punk rock indie bands. i'm not really into main stream music, but since my other bandmates are into it, there will be some mainstream feeling, with some indie and punk. The lead guitarist, nick, is mostly into ska, reggae, punk, and pop rock. Then with the rythm guitarist, Jd, who is interested in pop rock, and having All Time Low as his favourite band, which means the guitar riffs and sounds from the guitar will be powerful, edgy, with some pop feeling to it.
The drummer would be playing hyper, fast, beats and with a lot of variety in fill-ins. Having Blink 182 as one of our most shared favourited bands, we are deeply influenced by their catchiness, and the feeling that we get listening to their instrumentals.


Not yet recorded