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Hollywood, Florida, United States

Hollywood, Florida, United States
Band R&B Funk




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Affiliated Soul Team (A.S.T.) is an emerging soul funk band based out of south Florida. A.S.T. was formed in 2008 by poet, songwriter and music producer Jude J. Fonixx Hazel. J is a Brooklyn, New York born and raised talent whose interest in music began at the tender age of eight.
A.S.T. consists of: J. Fonixx (Producer/M.C.); Jeff Altidor (Guitar); John Akins (Drums); Ron Kauvon (Keys) and Dee (Songstress). The band has more than twenty five years of musical experience. It draws comparisons to other more well-known bands like City High, Fugees, Black Eye Peas and The Roots.
This Examiner recently sat down with three of the band members J, John and Ron for this article. Here are a few excerpts from that interview that help to provide an insight into the band’s creativity, chemistry, passion and future goals.
AMS: Let’s go around the table and introduce everyone and list your passions.
J: My passions are creating good music and good vibes.
Ron: I started off studying classical piano and ended up studying jazz. My passion is music, which is more of an addiction.
John: I feel like I’m the best drummer that nobody knows. My influence is first the church, then R&B music. It’s just a fusion of these two worlds. Music is in my blood.
AMS: Why did you guys form the band, and what was the inspiration behind it?
J: It all started when I was making my first album Book of Jude. I had the concept for a band and my friend who was recording me asked me what I was going to call it. So I came up with the concept of Affiliated Soul. I had no one in the camp in 2005 and I had a vision of a group of people who I know or have known coming together and creating great music together.
AMS: Ron how did you become involved?
Ron: I’ve known J for a long time. We are like brothers. We started off together under the same production company. I’ve watched him grow from a beginner’s level, doing his own thing to producing other artists and really making a name for himself.
AMS: And how did you get involved John?
John: Well it all started in 2007. I was working and I was approached by J and he asked me if I was interested and we linked up like a month later.
AMS: What or who has been your influence musically as an artist and what do you feel you bring to the band?
John: I’m from upstate New York and I grew up playing music in the church. One of my best friends, growing up in New York was a drummer in the church and I really looked up to him.
AMS: So has that church influence affected or influenced your play in the band?
John: Big time! In the church you never know what is going to happen. You always have to pay attention to the director. You always have to have good dynamics, so it helped me a lot in terms of the interaction with the band.
AMS: What about you Ron?
Ron: The first group to really catch my eye was a Haitian group called Zekle, back when I was a kid. They were so unique and amazing in what they did. Their voice and harmony was so amazing. Then of course Quincy Jones, and others. I studied all genres of music, so it’s hard to say one in particular, but if it is good music, then I appreciated it.
AMS: What about you J?
J: I was a soul train kid, my dad and I would watch it every Saturday. And I remember my very first record was a Motown record by the Jackson 5 called Going Back to Indiana. I was a big Michael Jackson fan and used to dream that I was him performing with the big afro. Then in the 80’s in New York with Rakim and Public Enemy, that was the kind of hip hop music that really influenced me.
AMS: For 2011 what do you see as the future of A.S.T? Not just as a group but also personal goals?
J: I know for sure that we are going to be on the map this year because we had such a great year last year. We did a lot of different things in 2010 to market the band and now that those things are in place, from the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to the website. So this year people can go online, look us up and see what we do. They can actually book us in London and we will bounce! On the personal level this band is a brotherhood, a family band. It gives me the incentive that we can produce good music and still be family.
AMS: Ron?
Ron: I see A.S.T really taking off because we have a sound that is very unique, rich and tight. I already see it happening when people come to see us play. It’s going to get to a point where we expand to an even larger band, with more sections and musicians.
AMS: So you (J) don’t have a problem with bringing in other people?
J: Nah! Not at all! It’s a brotherhood!
AMS: And that fits into the title ‘Affiliated’.
J: Yeah!
AMS: What about you John?
John: I’m looking for us to have the opportunity to have at least three gigs per week. Because that’s really the way that we are going to get our name out there. We just started, so we have to earn our stripes, so I want to get on that level so that when we play somewhere there is more of a following and people appreciate what we do.
AMS: Okay, talk about the creative process and how that works.
Ron: When we go to rehearsal we all have input and thoughts.
John: We’re open to each other’s ideas. If Ron does something on keys I’m like aw man that’s hot. That’s dope! We try to synchronize it and make it work.
J: It’s a collaboration. There are no egos. I believe once we start recording it’s gonna be a wrap. If we go in that studio and start concentrating, you know we all have experience recording in the studio. Everybody is so talented, so gifted and so humble that man when it comes together? All praise goes to God. He put this together.
Since 2008 A.S.T. has performed at the following south Florida venues: Satoro Lounge in Hollywood; Tempo Lounge Hollywood and FIU South. For booking info, sample performances or additional information see the useful links below.

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In 2008, Can I, the first single released from the debut album Book Of Jude, received air play on WEDR 99jams, Miami’s hottest Hip Hop and R & B Radio station radio personality Rob O. Snap.
Soon to follow, the classic hit, My Lady, obtained recognition as the “New Artist Song of the Week” and gained air play on 1080 AM’s segment of Mocha Soul.
Subsequently, Odongo, the album’s second release, was also featured on 1080AM’s Caribbean Connections, With radio personality, Mike Andrews.



Founded in 2008, Affiliated Soul Team more commonly known as A.S.T. has quickly become one of Miami's finest bands in the South Florida region. Delivering savvy compositions of smooth jazz, soul, funk, hip/hop and R&B; their musical style and versatility makes them second to none and undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Orchestrated by music producer and songwriter Jude J. Fonixx Hazel, A.S.T is an assortment of profound talent, which exceeds over 25 years of musical experience both personally and professionally. On keys Woody "OakWood" Gracia. He got the nickname from attending Oakwood College in Huntsville, AL. His flair and grace on keys is like no other. From the church, to the stage, to the studio, Oak Woods has a playing stye that brings class and funk to AST. On drums, John "Drum Master" Akins, a native New Yorker who has been beating to his own tune since the age of six. John recently relocated to South Florida where he began playing for several local churches, bands and night clubs until he found his fit with Affiliated Soul Team. A.S.T.'s lead guitarist, Leo Boland a.k.a "LB's" has been pulling strings since his high school days at Dillard High in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. His unparalleled sound, heard and envied by many has awarded him the title as one of the hottest and most innovative guitarists known to man. On bass guitar, Elites Dalger a.k.a. "Blade" A young funk master who has played throughout the Atlanta, GA area in several bands and churches has now relocated in South Florida bringing the low end theory to the band. And finally, to complete the set, on percussion and lyrical vocals, A.S.T.'s creator and founder Jude J. Fonixx Hazel brings it all together. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, J. Fonixx also started his musical journey when he was just eight years old. His musical talent and interests lead him to explore and excel in concert jazz, the Caribbean steel drum, percussion, music production, poetry and song writing, as well as the release of his self titled album The Book of Jude. J. Fonixx has written and produced for some of Miami and Atlanta's hottest upcoming talents and can be found on I-tunes and CD Baby. With a vision for greatness and the unchaining desire to create timeless music; Affiliated Soul Team WONT be stopped. Together their love for the art of music and their determination to succeed makes them fire. So look no further and prepare yourselves for a journey like no other because Miami's own, Affiliated Soul Team is here.