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"No longer bashful about the bandit"

This weekend, the bar plays host to the year-and-a-half-old local band Affirming the Consequent, whose press kit describes them as "Tucson's only gothic jam band" and cites Pearl Jam, Tool and Jane's Addiction as influences. Their debut CD, The Hell Chart (self-released), was recorded in a single day with noted local producer Jim Waters. The press kit claims he sought them out after reading a review that described them as "what The Cure would sound like if Johnny Cash was their singer."

I'm not sure if the CD I'm listening to is by the same band that garnered those descriptions, but frankly, I don't hear anything resembling Johnny Cash or The Cure, and I'm only getting traces of that goth thing. What I hear is a decent, straightforward rock band that sometimes gets a bit jammy. Of all the bands mentioned above, Pearl Jam and Tool seem to come closest, but even those are fairly off the mark. With a few darker exceptions, the album largely contains sometimes-funky blues-rock grooves with tuneful vocals on top--just the kind of band that would sound right at home at the Bandit.

Affirming the Consequent share a bill with Gaza Strip, Mercury Transit and New Mexico's 25/7 at 9 p.m., Saturday, July 28, at The Bashful Bandit, 3686 E. Speedway Blvd. Admission is free. Call 795-8996 for more info. - Tucson Weekly

"ATC on Comfort Comes"

From a four piece from Tucson, Arizona comes quite a tune about burning a politician. The Tucson area I am not very familiar with all I know it is insanely hot all the time. The track starts off with a very thick and chunky guitar riff, think early Queens of the Stone Age type stuff. The vocals kick in remind me of a little lighter version of Kyuss. Its got a lot of the qualities of stoner-rock but with a little more welcoming feel to it. - Comfort Comes - John Siwicki


'The Hell Chart' - 2007
'La Grange' - Track of the Day on November 24, 2007', and regular rotation on WLUW in Chicago
'Coming Home', 'Goodbye' - KUNM in Albuquerque
Plus regular rotation of several songs on and
Top 50 in the Live 2.0 in NYC!



Affirming The Consequent is made up of four musicians each determined to make his own sound; and by doing so individually, the band creates songs that are diverse yet definitive. A single song may sound a bit bluesy, a bit country, a bit off-the-wall; yet all are easily recognizable to the listener as having been written and performed by the same band. Reviewers, fans, and the band itself have trouble fitting the bandÂ’s sound into a rock sub-genre, or comparing it to other well-known acts. Yet it is undeniable that ATC is a great rock band who gets a positive response wherever they play. This trend was never more in evidence than when ATC received such a good response at the famous Viper Room in Hollywood that the crowd called for an encore, on their first time playing the venue. Having had encouraging success touring in the southwest U.S., ATC is now seeking national management and record label support in order to expand its audience and bring its music to as many listeners as possible.