Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

Energetic and driven, Affix broadcasts an original style reminiscent of artists Chris Tomlin, MercyMe, and Casting Crowns. From soft, powerful melody to all-out rock, Affix is compelling and heart-felt audio on fire for God.


Basic statement of faith:

Each member confesses Jesus Christ as his/her personal Lord and Savior, having been crucified and risen from the dead on the third day for the salvation of mankind, by grace and NOT by works.

Each member of Affix believes in the Holy Trinity and that there are three separate but equal persons in one God.

Each member of Affix believes that the Bible is God-breathed and true in its entirety and to be taken literally and uses an authorial-intent hermeneutic in Biblical study.

Each member of Affix believes that a Christian life ought to be a constant, personal, and growing relationship with Jesus Christ which is evidenced by the good works and actions of the believer.

Each member of Affix is traditionally orthodox in his beliefs and does NOT share any beliefs in Universalism, Christian Progressivism, or any new type of spin on the Christian faith that waters down the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Band Bio:
Since its official inception in 2006, Affix has rotated through a few faces, notably the talents of former members Ryan Wallace and Alan Anderson. The group’s brand new lineup now boasts the drive, hard work, and sweat of artists Chad Frazier, Richard Kendle, Eric Violet, and Scott Breiding, as well as occasional appearances by Eric Neuenschwander. What started as a two-man dream has erupted into a full-blown ministry with the hearts of both Christians and non-Christians alike positioned determinedly within its crosshairs. Fully loaded with talent and now armed with an EP under their belts, the members of Affix are pushing full-tilt for the next big step. The band is firmly founded in Christ and credits everything to God in His sovereignty.

Whole-heartedly indebted to faithful family, fans and friends, the members of Affix thank the pillar-like people that shamelessly radiate support every step of the way.


Right Where You Are EP 2009

Set List

Sets normally range from 60-75 minutes.

Setlist usually includes 8-10 originals and 3-5 Contemporary Christian Cover songs usually ones performed by or similar to David Crowder Band, Chris Tomlin, and Santus Real.