Afghan Raiders are a digital duo from Las Vegas who will destroy your ass.


Hard to put into a corner, Las Vegas-based duo AFGHAN RAIDERS take a little here and there from house, glam, hip-hop, and disco, combining it all into a visceral live show that has audiences both shaking asses and banging heads.

The band recently released their debut EP, "FUTURE THINKERS / SOLID GOLD," under their own label and music blog, Badical Beats. Since then, they've been blowing minds with their over-the-top energy and outrageous live antics, sharing the stage with artists like YACHT, Classixx, Wallpaper, Broken Spindles, and Metronomy.

Mikey and Beans biggest contemporary influences include DFA, Digitalism, Madlib, LCD Soundsystem, and Animal Collective. Always looking for new inspiration and keeping their ears to the ground for new, fresh sounds, both members spend time everyday researching and blogging about the latest and greatest in music from all genres, which explains why Afghan Raiders' music tends to blend many different genres with ease.

In just a short period of time, Afghan Raiders have garnered a hefty following and played several notable shows in the US including the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City (2008), the SXSW Music Festival in Austin (2009), and the West Coast circuit.

This summer the band unleashed their hard-hitting remix for The Faint’s “Mirror Error” as well as their tweaked-out, club-heavy remix for Phoenix's hit single "1901" to support their new single, "Admiral's Doorbell" with the b-side "Morphine Dream".

The duo has a handful of West Coast tour dates planned this summer, but in the meantime, they are holed up in the studio working on some top secret remixes and new material for the fall.


"Las Vegas-based Afghan Raiders could be this year's breakout dance act." -

"Their distorted beats galvanize a catchy harmonized chorus for setting off sweaty audiences, whether they're in a club or at a
basement show...If Digitalism and Klaxons leave the throne empty for too long they might find Afghan Raiders in their seats." - RCRD LBL

"Afghan Raiders will destroy your ass." - LV CityLife


Admiral's Doorbell (Single)
1. Admiral's Doorbell
2. Morphine Dream

Solid Gold - The Remixes (EP)
1. Solid Gold (The Slips Remix)
2. Solid Gold (Gengini / Gachette of the Mastiff Remix)
3. Solid Gold (The Badical Remix)
4. Solid Gold (Techjio Remix)
5. Solid Gold (Thrust Lab Remix)

Future Thinkers / Solid Gold (EP)
1. Future Thinkers
2. Solid Gold
3. Future Thinkers (Nite Cells Remix)
4. Solid Gold (The Slips Remix)

Phoenix - "1901 (Afghan Raiders Remix)"

The Faint - "Mirror Error (Afghan Raiders Remix)"

Broken Spindles - "The Moist Red Mess (Afghan Raiders Remix"

Set List

The Afghan Raiders put on a seamless, dark, energetic, powerful live set, which consists of originals, re-edits, and remixes. One can expect to hear Mikey's grungy vocals cutting through the solid foundation of heavy electro-pop synth lines and beats layed down by Beans. If you're going to an Afghan Raiders show, be prepared for one awesome, sweaty, dance party.