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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa | SELF

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa | SELF
Band Hip Hop Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Afgun: Jangalala"

Staying true to our vision of promoting up-and-coming talent, we give you another bedroom studio product.

"Jangalala" is the first single by Johannesburg hip hop duo Afgun, which consists of up-and-coming MCs Diketso BLCKSHP and Monde “Gwaza" Magwaxaza.

The track features talented vocalist Thabang “T-Bang” Khobotlo, and will be on the duo's debut album Warning Shot. - MIO


Currently our EP's song Skhalo has been on the Local Top 10 charts for 2 months and has been on the number 1 spot for 2 weeks!.

We are currently finishing our EP which will consist of 7 songs.

1. Skhalo
2. We are the same
3. Check Pad
4. Mada Paka
5. Jangalala
6. Pushing off the shelves
7. London ft Goodluck ( To be Confirmed )



Biography Afgun

The name “Afgun ( Africa.Of.Gunz) ” is derived from an Afrikaans word meaning Af is off than guns is direct translation from English we basically saying it’s time to be off guns as our continent Africa is renowned for. It’s time to be on mental war fares issues like our health, wealth & education a compromised always in this war fares. The group consists of 2 Emcees namely Diketso "BLCKSHP" (Black.Legacy.Cultural.Kingdom.Sells.HipHop) composer lyricist and the other member is
Monde “Gwaza” (Genocidal.Warfarez.Affects.Zionist.Africa) Magwaxaza the both of us we basically started rapping as underground emcee’s from the late 1990’s like 1998 we start affiliating with each other we are from the same neighbourhood & teenage hood we went through different situations in our life we started doing some tracks in 2003 where we up & sort of clicked as a crew Hip hop has been our trade like for ever thou. The album is done independently as to that we want to coincide with launching the our own record label called Timeless Records which is a very independent journey which has been very uplifting in sense of us getting to executively produce the entire album. Basically Gwaza is one the beat makers in the album he has about tracks he produced, we have a cat called Majare “Mj” The Superstar who has worked with one of the successful crew’s in South Africa called Teargas the current s.a.m.a winners we have is also one of the tightest unknown producer’s and we have out prodigy Thabang “T-Bang” Khobotlo a produce and a R n b crooner. The project was basically to work with unknown up & coming artist producers & maybe futuristic. We basically would like to sign up a couple of people in the future we have also featured under our record label Timeless Records. We are working on debut album & our first single is called we all the same the name of the album is called Warning Shot. Tymless Entertainment compromises of the following people

Admin team:

Tshepo “XXL” Motsai (assistant manager & Record exec)
Diketso a.k.a “BLCKSHP” Pitso (rapper, founder & record exec)
Saziso “Blaqpimp” Balang (manager & record executive)
Monde “Gwaza” Magwaxaza (rapper, co-founder & record exec)
Lebo “Thabby Scoops” Mathabathe (Public relations Officer and also a record exec)
Thabang “T-Bang” Khobotlo (producer, composer, singer and record exec)