A Fight to the Death

A Fight to the Death

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

A Fight to the Death is Avant-Western-Americana-Gypsy music built with Latin and Mediterranean rhythms, surf twang, and melodies fit for lonely midnight drives through the desert.


Instead of the usual boring band bio, here is a series of random facts about AFTTD:

1. We rehearse in a big metal barn. Seriously.
2. Whenever we record part of a rehearsal, the video camera always ends up being pointed at Daniel. As a result, we have dozens of low-budget music videos for our songs, all starring only Daniel and occasionally George’s back.
3. Last year, Mark flipped over his bike’s handlebars and broke his clavicle and a rib.
4. We wear shirts and ties on stage because A) we’re gentlemen; B) classy attire does not go out of style; and C) ZZTop tells the truth: ladies go crazy for a sharp-dressed man.
5. At a recent show, our opening act was a panel discussion and Q&A session regarding organic farming.
6. We just released our second record in May 2010, and we're already thinking about the next one.
7. Our hometown of Atlanta is currently making us very proud musically - go team.
8. Nathan doesn’t believe in vegetables - not even pickles. Don’t ever tell him that french fries come from potatoes (shhhh…).
9. George knows more than you do about axe handles.
10. CJ thinks that two of the worst things in the world are pleated pants and ironic trucker hats.


Gesture of a Gentleman, LP, 2010
AFTTD, LP 2008
End of Continent Sadness, EP, 2007

Set List

35 - 60 minute average set time. Can do up to 2 hours; longer sets consist of material from the two LPs, some unreleased material, as well as a few tasteful covers.