a fir-ju well

a fir-ju well


An explosive pop- rock project that has been compared to The Beatles-White-Album era, the Flaming Lips meets The Doors.


A Fir-Ju Well has emerged as Atlanta’s favorite rock and roll son. Playing shows at SXSW, CMJ, Noice Pop and with artists such as The Killers is bringing the band national recognition. A Fir-Ju Well has recently received praises from Paste Magazine, Performer Magazine, & Mtv2.

This last year the band has performed at CMJ Festival, SXSW, Paste Magazines Rock & Reel Festival, Noise Pop & Music Midtown. The response to there third album "Absolutely", has help landed them gig’s with The Killers, Cat Power, Feist, British Sea Power, Keene, and Low. The band’s popularity has opened up many notable rooms around the country such as North Six, Knitting Factory, CBGB’s, Gothic Theatre, Roxy Theatre, Fox Theatre, 40 Watt, & Exit In.

Crafting an art-damaged and intense presence, the group’s sound falls somewhere between Beatles White Album Area meets The Flaming Lips with a splash of The Kinks: sexy humble and unmovable. In person the group’s humble and soft-spoken demeanor instills a sense of alluring mystery. But on-stage A Fir-Ju Well explodes with energy, sweat and grit for an undeniable presence.
Never ones to hang on to the same instruments for too long, on-stage each member of the group moves and hurdles from station to station, swapping out guitar for bass for drums for voice. As a result the group’s multifaceted musicianship culminates in dense and cerebral rock mantras that are hard-wired to both the head and the heart.

The group’s unparalleled live performances and fluid song writing have delivered A Fir-Ju Well out of Atlanta and onto the rest of the country’s indie avenues. Coming off of playing over 200 tour dates this year and continue to fill all the notable rooms with in Atlanta. Absolutely( International Hits Records, 2005) is their third and most critically acclaimed release to date charted on the CMJ’s top 100. A Fir-Ju Well is on the rise.


2001 LP "the dangerous life of an insect" self-released
2002 LP "a fir-ju well" self-released
2003 EP "el torero" international hits
2005 LP "absolutely a fir-ju well" international hits
2006 EP "gingo star" Fall 2006 release

Streaming mp3s can be found at www.3wk.com.
Tracks with radio airplay include: Neigh, Step Down, Cooking for Dust, Salem Sheep, #4, Soul Child (From "El Torero")

Set List

Usually about four songs each from three members totalling a 12-song set. Set adjusted depending upon time constraints. No covers.

List of songs: no reason, neigh, out of my head, no man, esmarelda, my anxious mouth, transmission, beautiful ways, magnet lightning bugs, more powerful than money, te ro delastronzo, sense of security, #4, salem sheep, cooking for dust, soul child, step down, the tidal wave above, peace is our demand, she never left, easy going, together, give me a rag, tonight the moon doesn't matter, medicine man, dolls,