A Flauta Vértebra

A Flauta Vértebra


Just Amazing! "A Flauta Vertebra" brings the traditional brazilian music to the world. Mixing samba, jazz and rock'n roll (why not?) we're really doing the diference among the new artists and groups.


A Flauta Vertebra introduces to world an amazing mix of the old and new brazilian music, always plaiyng with quality and feeling. The influences are Novos Baianos (that launched Pepeu Gomes to the world), Caetano Veloso, Jimmi Hendrix and a lot of national and international bands and solo artists.


in 2008, we recorded our first demo. It was a home record session with reduced resources but the lyrics and quality of the musicians are really "grabbing" the most diferent kinds of people. You can listen to the songs at www.myspace.com/aflauta

Set List

Our typical repertoire is:

6 songs of the band :

Tanta Retórica
Epílogo Atroz

togheter the covers: always brazilian music