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A Flor de Piel

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Band World Latin




"Get full of emotion by listening to the original single “Soledad y el Mar” by Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel"

“Soledad y el Mar” is the latest original single from Marisol La Brava & A Flor de piel, a family trio of talented artists. The song is a captivating composition that fuses Latin sounds and Pop elements. It offers a melancholic and emotional atmosphere, carried by sensational voices.

Throughout this track, we are first captivated by their poetic lyricism, with poignant lyrics that explore the theme of loneliness and the sea, evoking the feeling of getting lost in the depths of the ocean. The ballad takes listeners on an introspective journey, with rich musical arrangements and harmonic nuances.

This brilliant collaboration has succeeded in creating a unique musical experience and offers a captivating combination of striking vocals and captivating melodies. The skill of the artists and the harmonious integration of different instruments elevate it to a higher level, making it an exceptional piece. The chemistry between Marisol and the group is palpable, evident in the way they seamlessly blend their individual styles.

A testament to the creative brilliance of Marisol and A Flor de Piel. They have created a musical masterpiece that resonates deeply with its listeners, cementing their influential image on the music scene. I highly recommend it if you want to enjoy good music. - Iggy Magazine

"Savor Every Moment Of Your Day By Listening To The Single “La Bamba” By Marisol La Brava A Flor De Piel Feat Iván Rosa"

Savor every moment of your day by listening to the single “La Bamba” by Marisol La Brava A Flor de Piel feat Ivn Rosa.
In music, exploring new sounds and genres can be an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience.
Through a mixture of varied musical styles, the group Marisol La Brava A Flor de Piel was able to combine them to produce its new single “La Bamba” with Ivn Rosa, a particular and remarkable sound walk which highlights the musical culture of its very dear country.

In this piece, we can find a kind of inner freedom which animates us through the expression of the catchy melody. The sound rhythm mixed with Ivn Rosa's soft feminine voice rising, arouses sensual sparkling emotions that leave us hypnotized by this impeccable production quality. What makes this track even more special is its relatable lyricism which gives us a historical description of this wonderful single. We can't wait to listen to his full version. - infomusic.fr


The new EP by the American project Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel, called “Girlhood”, It's Complicado”, is now available. The work can be seen below:
The project is basically made up of a family nucleus, by mother Marisol “La Brava” Ceron, who attended St. Xavier University and also the American College of Education, where she obtained two master's degrees and is currently a teacher and educator in Chicago, by father Renato “Renatonatiuh” Ceron, graduated in Liberal Arts from Wilbur Wright College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music Business at Berklee College of Music, and his daughter Sofia “La Bravita” Ceron, responsible for the cajon, jarana, guitar and ukulele , and also produces tracks, sings and is a dancer. She participated in the 2018 – 2020 UIC College Prep Student Mariachi.
The EP addresses the phases of female transition from childhood to adolescence, and from there to adulthood. There are 5 tracks, in almost 16 minutes, where obviously due to the family's Mexican origins, we are introduced to the beautiful Latin rhythms originating there. “Mi Primer Amor” features interesting excerpts sung in Náhutal, a local dialect. “Quinceañera” addresses the beginning of adolescence, where we then have an interesting cover of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”, an eighties hit by Cindy Lauper, addressing adolescence itself, and ending with “Mother's Lullaby”, where the girl leaves this phase of life to face adulthood. In other words, lyrically the themes are addressed in a clear, objective and simple way.

The work is recommended not only for fans of the style, but for any and all lovers of good music. Here's a tip. - Roadie Music


A Flor De Piel

Latin artists A Flor De Piel have been releasing cozy quarantine concerts on the band’s Instagram and Facebook pages that include original music as well as cover songs. If you need a little hip shaking to get you through the day, check it out—and don’t forget to tip the band! - DO312

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In this playlist of our 2019 Alternative Latin music favorites, you'll notice there isn't a particular sound defining the realm of the genre. The common denominator here is that these artists decided to be sonically bold. It was a magically abundant year of outstanding music from musicians that delivered complex beats, striking socio-political anthems and imaginative takes on traditional Latin sounds. - NPR Music

"A FLOR DE PIEL Converses with Evan of Madness To Creation on the Uniqueness of Latin Music!"

Editor’s Note: A Flor de Piel is a Latin music band out of Chicago by way of Mexico. In this interview, they discuss how Latin music has such strong emotions about it and how they love making people dance and sing with their music. They are currently making noise in the Chicago Indie scene with their fun-loving music and their wonderful musicianship. Fans can learn more about A Flor de Piel at the following locations:



Let’s start off bay you telling us a little about yourself. Where do you guys come from?

Most of us are born and raised in Chicago, with parents who migrated here from Mexico.

What inspired you to make Latin music?

I grew up listening, dancing and singing Latin music, so it came naturally for me. It’s my first language. It’s the language that I associate with warmth and strong emotions, as well as my roots and my past. I also enjoy infusing my flavor into other non-latin songs.

What makes latin music unique?

I am not sure that this is necessarily a unique characteristic only of Latin music, however the fact that the Latin world has had so many historical influences has resulted in a very rich music genre with lots of variants. Latin music has three main roots, Spanish, Native or Indigenous, and African. However, it doesn’t stop there, throughout history Latin music has evolved and continues to evolve by embracing other sounds from all over the world reflecting the realities of its places of origin. This is why you can find so many different regional styles within one country alone.

What are some of the hallmarks of the genre?

Inarguably syncopation is prevalent in many Latin music styles. A distinctive quality of Latin music has been that it’s mostly sung in Spanish and Portuguese. But that’s not the case anymore as more and more Latin music is written and sung in English and other languages, especially in the U.S. I think it is undeniably a sensual music. Many examples are upbeat and danceable, though not all of it. Even the slow songs can be soulful and passionate.

How has the reception been to your music? To an outsider like me, it feels very authentic and completely different from what most bands I listen to do.

Thank you for that. In general, people who listen to our music tend to have a very positive response to it. A lot of our followers have told us that they love how we do a very unique fusion of the modern with the traditional and the Latino with the American. For example, we cover a song by Ray Charles, “What’d I Say” where we fuse the blues with the son jarocho which is a style of music from Veracruz. Both music styles have roots in African music and culture. Our original song “Trancazos” fuses ranchera, rumba flamenca with hints of rock rhythms. We play music that makes us feel good and that is authentic to us. I know there are people out there who describe themselves as purists when it comes to traditional Latin music. However, music just like people are beautiful fusions. Just like language. Our lyrics tend to be bilingual and we definitely use a lot of Spanglish in our songs. We make music because it is our passion and our favorite way of expressing ourselves. We incorporate what each of us brings to the group from their personal experiences and the result is a very unique and interesting combination.

What are some of the challenges of playing such an idiosyncratic genera?

Well, one of the challenges is that maybe not every one of our listeners may identify with a specific sound, or music style. However, we hope that the music and the emotions conveyed through it will get this point across: that we are all human in this world and we have more in common than not.

How do you approach song writing?

I don’t. It approaches me. I might find myself in a situation when someone does something that makes me think “I can’t believe this is happening.” Or some phrase that they say catches my attention and the song starts to grow from there. So I just sit down and start jotting it down on a napkin or whatever I have available at the moment, then if I feel that it’s got something more or there’s something more pulling me or coming from me then I will continue. If not, then it’ll just end up in the drawer with the rest of my notes and napkins for later. Sometimes it’s maybe days, sometimes it’s years before a song is completed!

What are some specific challenges that you face as a band playing such unique music?

Like my heritage, which is Mexican-American, I feel like I have to straddle both worlds. And so, my music straddles both worlds. I don’t always find an audience that completely understands my music like i understand it. So, yeah the music that I write is the best of me and the best of me is my two cultures, where I come from, and only I can truly balance both and understand how to balance the two. - Madness To Creation


La Bamba feat. Iván Rosas (Single)
Soledad y el Mar
La Cucaracha

Mi Primer Amor (Single)
Quinceañera (Single)
Girlhood, It's Complicado (EP)

Guerrera feat. Quinto Imperio (Single)
Mental Lockdown (Single)
La Bruja AfroQbano Cha Cha Twist (Single)
La Llorona (Single)
La Conga del Viejo (Single)

Trancazos (Single)
Windy City Love feat. Lester Rey (Single)
Bruja Brava (EP)



A Flor de Piel, born in April 2007, is the brainchild of  multi-instrumentalist and Grammy® and Latin Grammy® nominee, Renato Ceron, celebrated in artistic circles under the name Renatonatiuh and front woman, Marisol Ceron, a versatile artist who deftly wears many hats - she's an author, educator, entrepreneur, and, of course, a gifted musician, recognized by her stage name, Marisol La Brava.

This group's musical essence is nothing short of a vibrant tapestry,  weaving together the traditional sounds of Latin America with a global infusion of influences, including electronic elements, resulting in a mesmerizing auditory experience.  What sets A Flor de Piel apart is not just their unique fusion, but their penchant for crafting original compositions that breathe new life into timeless melodies.

One of the band's most captivating features is their multi-generational composition, which is a testament to the beauty of family bonds. The band consists of Renatonatiuh, Marisol La Brava, and their young daughter, Sage La Bravita. This remarkable diversity allows them to effortlessly transition between musical styles, effectively enchanting audiences of all generations and diverse musical tastes.

The members of A Flor de Piel are  dedicated educators, sharing their passion for music with the world. Their commitment to the art of teaching extends from the classrooms of the Chicago Public Schools, where they nurture budding musical talents, to an array of workshops covering topics as diverse as songwriting, traditional zapateado dancing, music production, and the creation of inclusive spaces for musical expression. Furthermore, they offer valuable insights into the rich tapestry of connections between Jazz and Afro-Mexican musical traditions. A Flor de Piel's members are equally at home in the role of mentors as they are on the stage or in the recording studio, seamlessly merging their artistry with education throughout their musical journey.