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The best kept secret in music


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Setting Vectors
9 song full length, four of which are available for streaming below:


Feeling a bit camera shy


A group of guys who wear collared shirts with pocket protectors. Who spend an overwhelming amount of time on computers and videogame consoles. Whose major influences consist of middle-aged Japanese men and guys with afros. These are the factors that make Afore Notation stand tall and proud in a crowded genre of doppelgangers and prosaic song writers.

Starting as a young band with no goals or direction, they would soon find their muse in the form of videogames, ranging from the dated Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog games, to the more recent Final Fantasy and Star Ocean series. It didnt take long for their interests in two seemingly dissimilar genres to merge into a sound that they would pride themselves upon.

Tearing through barriers of creativity with jumpy dual lead and beautiful, but excitingly refreshing chord progressions, Afore Notation aspires to subject the listener to a different feeling in every song, carrying them through their music in a way that is paralleled not only by stages of a videogame, but also the evolution of game play and music, from the 8-bit side-scrollers, to the 50+ hours of leveling up and world-saving. Following the guitar are the bass riffs, often matching the guitar in technicality almost as if to be another outlet for lead, when not forced to be the grounding escort for the music. Keyboard, being the most versatile instrument, ranges from being at the forefront of shredding lead, to graceful piano and bell accents, to fulfilling the role of bass while the three guitars pave paths with wild precision. To bring it all together is the drums, a vital constant in the band as the only instrument to hold his role, and hold it well, bringing intensity and solidity to otherwise unsupervised instruments. Topping it all off are the vocals. Supporting and entwining with the rhythms, or creating when none are present to hook the crowd and give them a taste of the passion present in the music.

Afore Notation's live show is often described as unpredictable explosions of emotion, intensity, and passion. The guitarists, Ben Bowers and Thayer Helu, accent every intense moment with equally fervent movements, letting the music guide them in every step. The bassist, Andre Tran, leaves people near frightened with his movements as he flails his bass at the air and at the unperceivable dragons that he claims to be slaying with his axe of righteousness. The drums are smooth and full of life as Billy Motes lets his hands and feet fill in every space as he plays with confidence and precision. Adam Wesley, the keyboardist, plays with the idea of knowing he doesn't have to be conventional with the way he moves. Going from perpetual motion to dead stops, lead vocalist Garrett Hudson treats his live shows with care and comes in with the goal of leaving a mark on people (sometimes literally) and letting them know what a good live show is about as he becomes enraptured in the flow of the music, often losing full perception of time and his surroundings. It is no secret that audience members may find themselves being grabbed, abducted, bitten (among other things), scared, excited, charmed, and assuredly impressed when Afore Notation takes the stage.

We would like to leave you, the reader, with the idea that Afore Notation is more than music. They are an ideal of sound. They are a progression in the timeline of an often amateurish and mundane genre of music.
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