pink fluffy clouds

pink fluffy clouds


Afraid So is an instrumental band. Playing catchy riffs with nerve chilling leads, and visual elements to stimulate your senses.


An explosion near groom lake on June 7th 1999. police were dispatched to the scene. Four people were found nearly dead. When asked what happened one of them said they could not remember anything. Seconds after the police arrived the area was swarmed with men in cammo uniforms. There were so many people swarming the area that the officer had lost sight of the injured people he had found. He turned to look for them but they were gone. They officer asked the men in uniform what happened to the four people. The cammo men said that they didn't know of such people. The bodies were never found. They had no identification. Three years later a man claimed that there was an experiment that went terribly wrong involving DNA structuring for cloned super humans, and integration of micro chips in to the brain. The man said four people had escaped that night. Two males and two females, and they are still alive. No one really knows what happened to the people that were said to be found near groom lake or if it were even true. A police officer said one thing that was very strange is that one of the girls kept saying that the music stopped. Officers reported one of the men had a strange mask on his face and some kind of helmet. Government officials said a near by facility had an explosion and had leaked some experimental gases that could cause hallucination.


1 Beyond Time
2 Hyper Space

Cassini's Flight Video can Be watched at

Set List

Dream Factory
Beyond Time
Robots Crushing Humans
The End
Cassini's Flight
Milquetoast Monster
Sirens Of Amydala
A wrinkle in Time
Area 51
Earth Bender
Shadows In the dark