A Fresh Cut Lime

A Fresh Cut Lime


We've basically taken dick & fart humor and fused that into catchy sing-alongs for people of all ages to enjoy.


A significant portion of A Fresh Cut Lime lyrics describe random behavioral disorders, while other songs poke fun at themselves for certain stereotypes that they've been labeled and a miniscule amount of their words are. This all boils down into the catchiness of their songs and their hilarious live performance.

They've been together since Feb 2006 and are currently based out of Fort McMurray AB. Having played a numerous amount of shows within Western Canada they will continue to increase their fan base by promoting a new disc entitled "Caskets and Hand Baskets" in 2007.

Similarities to other artists include: The Matches, Say Anything, Belvedere, Nofx & MxPx


Feb 2006 - Demo
Currently awaiting March 2007 Release "Caskets and Hand Baskets"

Set List

In no particular order
1.) Cowboys & Diggers
2.) A Night In The Life
3.) Being Dead
4.) Vancouver
5.) What's That Stink
6.) Teaser's & Showgirls
7.) Get Up & Dance
8.) A New Leaf
9.) Filler
10.) Another Day
11.) Your Addicted
12.) I'm definitley going to jail for this one
13.) 40 Year old man
14.) Candy man
15.) Me & My Boss