AfriCali Genre of Music

AfriCali Genre of Music

 Santa Rosa, California, USA

AfriCali: A new Culture of Music (Gumbo/Mixture of Rock, Blues, California & seventies Africa )


#EYEZONThe South AfriCalian Vocalist States: Our interest is not in Persuitt of Fame but to create something Original and organic in matching the permmaculture movement We have Growing in the Bay Area California, Africa and other Parts of the World. last Time a new form of Music was created was the 90's with the Alternative Genre which came out the Seattle grunge push, the becks, Bjorks and etc . Music is all starting to Sound the Same and I think Rather than building Sub gendres and going More digital, Let's Draw from Past influences and Cross breed Genres but Yet Building New Sounds.

The ((Afri-Cali Beat)) is the New Genre of Music since We need to grow it. Music or Hip hop is like a rhyzome and right now We need something New. Last Time a genre of Music was created was the 90's with Alternative which was born out the Seattle grunge and etc..