African Classical Music Ensemble

African Classical Music Ensemble

 Rugby, England, GBR

The finest cultural ambassadors of acoustic African Classical Music traditions. Hauntingly meditative music drawn from antiquity with a contemporary yet timeless quality. A transcendental sound of today and tomorrow.


The African Classical Music Ensemble is dedicated to preserving cultural legacies and the classical traditions of Africa through music. The ensemble was formed to celebrate old African musical traditions and document a repertoire that was in danger of being of being lost or forgotten. Drawing from the music of ancient traditions, the ensemble has a distinct acoustic classical sound, which embodies the last of the old code of griots.

Rooted in the Griot tradition under the late Master of the Kora, Amadu Bansang Jobarteh, the ensemble has already worked and recorded with some of the finest and most celebrated African artists around today, including, Kasse Mady Diabate, Oumou Sangare, Juldeh Camara and Toumani Diabate. They have also contributed to film and television soundtracks as well as collaborated with orchestras and ensembles including the London Sinfonietta, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Brodsky Quartet, Diana Baroni Trio, Pan African Orchestra and the Samadhi Chamber Orchestra.

The African Classical Music Ensemble was set up by the composer and cultural ambassador, Tunde Jegede. It features the extraordinary Riti (African Violin) virtuoso, Juldeh Camara and the gifted, young singer and guitarist, Sona Maya Jobarteh who is the grand- daughter of Amadu Bansang Jobarteh and the first female Kora player from within this hereditary tradition.

The African Classical Music Ensemble have just released their debut album, There was a Time, which was recorded in Mali and features the legendary Malian vocalist, Kasse Mady Diabate, the Gambian Kora maestro, Wali and the Guinean flutist, Amadou Barre. There was a Time is released on the Xiom Music label and is available on i-Tunes.


'There was a Time' (LP)
(Xiom Music - 2010)
Artist: African Classical Music Ensemble

'Still Moment' (LP)
(Hetra Music - 2007)
Artist: Tunde Jegede

Set List

1) Kayra (8 mins)
2) Mineon Ba (7 mins)
3) Jairaby Le (8 mins)
4) Bufalo's Song (7 mins)
5) Yeda Loba (8 mins)
6) Cherie (6 mins)

Approx. 51 mins

2nd Half

1) Still Moment (5 mins)
2) Fountain of a People's Hope (10 Mins)
3) Alla La Ke (7 mins)
4) Cycle of Reckoning (15 mins)
5) Honour (6 mins)
6) Alla Jairaby (8 mins)

Approx. 51 Mins