African Spirituals

African Spirituals


Tight African rhythms that make the crowd get loose! A soul journey through a legacy of music that makes the spirit soar. These powerful rhythms unite with traditional spirituals to create an invigorating concert experience. Perfect for BHM, community events or for those who love good music.


Freedom Prayers by the African Spirituals compiles the absolute best soul spirituals in the history of African American people. This music demonstrates how African rhythms, slave chants and early black church hymns were used as a balm to build faith and renew strength. This music nourished spirits and helped many survive.
During the live concert, through spoken word, traditional dancing and soul-singing, the audience experiences how songs like Wade in the Water and Steal Away were used to conceal escape itineraries and songs like Oh Freedom became rallying cries of the Civil Rights Movement. Traditional African rhythms blend with Negro Spirituals to create the African Spirituals!


African Spirituals: Freedom Prayers

Set List

Concerts include songs like:

I'll Fly Way
Wade in the Water
Steal Away

Sets are 60 to 90 minutes